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    • WATCH: Life under occupation in the Jordan Valley, Part 1

      Palestinian residents of the Jordan Valley share their personal experiences of what life under occupation has meant for them. The first of two parts. Iman Abusrur explains how even a simple injury like a broken leg can get complicated when the nearest clinic is 45 kilometers away on rough roads: Khulusi Haj Muhammed visits his devastated family home every day. He can't get a permit to fix the roof that collapsed. He longs for peace, to live his remaining years with dignity: Ahmed Ghawanmeh talks about on the difference between his village, Jiftlik, and the neighboring Israeli settlements, and the…

    • Justice will never be the norm under occupation

      A 15-year-old boy is shot and killed, and the soldiers who shot him —  in violation of army regulations — will likely never see the inside of a prison cell. The situation is both outrageous, and the most normative end to this story and countless others just like it. The Israeli soldier and army officer who opened fire on a car full of teenagers coming home from an evening at the pool in the summer of 2016, killing a 15-year-old boy, will face no criminal charges, according to a report in Haaretz last week. The soldiers will never see the…

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    • Social media giants feel the heat at Palestinian digital conference

      At the Palestine Digital Activism Forum, representatives from both Google and Facebook faced a crowd that demanded to know why the two companies cooperate with Israel's attempts at silencing Palestinians. By Joshua Leifer Not long after the Arab Spring began, social media companies rushed to embrace the popular narrative that their platforms had the potential to change societies and reform institutions. If the revolts across the Middle East and North Africa were any indication, the revolutions of the 21st century would not be televised but livestreamed, tweeted, shared, and liked. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a letter to potential investors…

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    • Military court: Ahed Tamimi and her mom to remain in prison

      Bassem Tamimi: 'I don't trust this court, I don't trust this legal system, all of which is built to punish the Palestinians.' By Oren Ziv An Israeli military appeals court on Wednesday denied bail to Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian girl who was filmed slapping an Israeli soldier at the entrance to her home, and her mother Nariman, ordering them held in prison until the conclusion of their respective trials. [tmwinpost] Tamimi is charged with five counts of assaulting security forces, as well as with incitement. Her mother is accused of incitement via social media. Military Judge Haim Baliti rejected most of the…

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    • Abbas' speech shows he is burning bridges with the U.S.

      Abbas' attack on Trump and top White House officials signals that he no longer wants the U.S. involved in peace negotiations. Gradual recognition of a Palestinian state is now his preferred course of action. By Elhanan Miller Those who survived Mahmoud Abbas' tedious history during his speech to the PLO Central Committee on Monday, and avoided the temptation of focusing on the Palestinian president's style over substance, was able to hear the core of his oration: redefining the Palestinian Authority's relations with the United States under President Trump. [tmwinpost] The speech's central message focused on the utter refusal to return to…

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    • Refugees hold 'slave auction' outside Knesset to protest deportation

      Israel plans to begin deporting tens of thousands of Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers within weeks. Activists hope the action will raise awareness of what awaits them. By Oren Ziv A group of Eritrean asylum seekers and Israeli refugee advocates staged a mock slave auction outside the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, while a conference on government plans to begin mass deportations of asylum seekers took place inside Wednesday morning. [tmwinpost] Around 10 asylum seekers stood on make-shift auction blocks made of milk crates, while an auctioneer called out, “get your slaves, slaves for half price,” over a megaphone. A single member…

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    • Between determination and despair: Meet the refugees fighting deportation

      The Israeli government has begun the first stages in its planned deportation of African asylum seekers. Refugee activists and advocates are preparing to fight it.  By Joshua Leifer The start of the new year marked the first stages of the Israeli government's plan to deport the roughly 40,000 asylum seekers, most from Eritrea and Sudan, currently living in Israel. The government announced in early January that asylum seekers have three months to leave the country; those who remain in Israel after the three months will face a choice: deportation or prison. [tmwinpost] The Population and Immigration Authority also announced that it was recruiting additional inspectors…

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    • It is our silence that allows Israel to deport asylum seekers

      Fifty years on, Martin Luther King Jr.’s words resonate more than ever: those who are silent are all part of the problem. It is they who have allowed Israel to neglect south Tel Aviv and to condemn asylum seekers to torture and death. By Sapir Sluzker-Amram On January 15, Americans observed Martin Luther King Day, marking 50 years since the civil rights leader was shot and killed in Memphis, Tennessee. The struggle for equal rights in the United States was not won in court but in the streets — by people who had had enough of the status quo and organized to effect change. In 1965, the…

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