A ray of musical light in a sea of dark news – a personal note

It seems like in the world of Israeli news that I am immersed in on a daily basis, not a day goes by without something tragic happening.  Whether it is another case of self-immolation; or a Palestinian abused or shot dead by Border Police; or violent hate crimes against African asylum seekers; or a deceitful and opportunistic political move by a member of Knesset, etc. The list unfortunately goes on and on. And this is just Israel and Palestine.

When things are so shitty, and the situation seems so bleak, and the heat and humidity are pounding down, and it feels like there is no solace – one thing that keeps me going is music. And luckily I have a lot of it in my life.

Spoiler alert. My partner, who plays piano, sings, composes and improvises, has an album coming out. His debut. He wrote, sings plays and arranged it. Here is a song called “Hourglass,” and the video happens to be by my brother, a New York-based artist.  I love it. It brings me a bit of light in these dark dark news days. But then again, I am biased..