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When we started +972, we set out to challenge the conversation on Israel-Palestine — to give a voice to those who refuse to back down, to the people and movements who are not only fighting for equality but instilling hope for a just and peaceful future. In today’s reality of rising authoritarianism, racism, and hyper-nationalism, that mission remains as urgent as it was nine years ago. 

We are approaching the end of a year of political deadlock, a prime minister under indictment for corruption, an alarming increase in racist attacks on Palestinian citizens of Israel, and a seemingly endless occupation and siege that have almost entirely disappeared from the public discourse.

Together we can challenge the conversation and push these issues onto the public agenda. To do that, we need to raise $75,000 by the end of the year. Will you partner with us to fight for equality and justice and to support a free and independent press?  

In the coming year we’re going to ensure our journalism has the greatest impact in the following ways while diversifying how we bring you stories that matter: 

  • We will use new technologies and methods to expand our distribution on an array of platforms in order to reach more readers, including through Instagram, video, and, of course, The +972 Podcast.
  • We will push to further diversify the voices we feature. We will work hard to develop young journalists to ensure you’re hearing fresh perspectives, and to strengthen the next generation of critical voices.
  • We will continue reporting on the occupation and the siege on Gaza, even when no one else wants to.
  • The Israel-U.S. relationship has seen a drastic shift over the last few years. We will be providing in-depth coverage on the upcoming presidential elections and how changing attitudes among American Jews are already having an affect on the debate on Israel-Palestine and the occupation.
  • We will be focusing on climate change and the myriad ways it has already begun affecting the most vulnerable in Israel-Palestine.

For almost a decade, +972 has succeeded at shattering taboos and pushing the conversation about the occupation further than it’s ever been, all while earning the trust of our readers, local and foreign journalists, diplomats and politicians. The millions who read +972 Magazine every year are a testament to the importance of our work.

We can’t do that work without you. Partner with us in challenging the conversation in Israel-Palestine. Make a donation today.

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