Driving through the hate on Israeli radio

Yoram Sheftel should be taken off the Israeli airwaves. Immediately. But it’s not going to happen any time soon. Not in the current atmosphere in Israel.

(Photo: Flickr / Nomad Tales)
(Photo: Flickr / Nomad Tales)

Every once in a while I get Thursdays off. It’s usually a day to relax a bit and do some errands. I’ll often find myself in the car quite a bit, and if I’m driving around 2pm, I sometimes come across a radio talk show that amazes me each and every time. It’s hosted by Adv. Yoram Sheftel, a famous criminal lawyer in Israel.

Each time I happen to tune in, I always say to myself: “How the f-ck do they give this guy a show?” In any other country, the venom this man spews would be enough to have him arrested. But here he is, in broad daylight, on one of the biggest stations in Israel (103 FM), saying whatever he wants. Think Rush Limbaugh times 10.

Sheftel’s claim to fame is his defense of Nazi war criminal John Demjanjuk. Sheftel managed to get him off the hook, and has since defended some of Israel’s top criminals, including famous mafiosos and Yigal Amir’s brother, Haggai.

The Demjanjuk trial (photo: wikimedia commons)
The Demjanjuk trial (photo: wikimedia commons)

He’s been shot at and he’s had acid thrown in his face. But the guy’s a fighter, I’ll give him that. At the age of 62, he’s like the Energizer Bunny: He just keeps hating, and hating, and hating and hating.

Today I caught him answering a caller who made him lose his nerve, which happens quite often. At first, I thought Sheftel was being his usual disgusting self – but then it turned out the caller was just as ugly. I decided to translate this excerpt, to demonstrate how this show is the lowest of the low, yet on prime time airwaves. Remember, this is one of the biggest stations in Israel.

If you know Hebrew, I recommend listening to this. And if you don’t, you should listen to it while reading my translation. The tone of the discussion reveals quite a bit.

Press on this link if you’d like to hear the Hebrew podcast of the translated section:


Sheftel: And we’ll now go to our next caller. Hello?

Zohar: Shalom Sheftel, this is Zohar speaking.

Sheftel: Shalom Zohar.

Zohar: First of all, I enjoy – but also get angry sometimes – listening to your show.

Sheftel: It’s OK, that’s what it’s for – for people to enjoy and to get angry with.

Zohar: Yes, yes, otherwise there would be no rating. Anyway, I was listening to how shocked you were about the shooting at Jewish, or Israeli citizens [the topic is the force that police used against settlers in Havat Gilad recently – A.K.], and I actually agree with you, even though I don’t agree with you about everything. But my question is: Were you also shocked when they used bullets in the October 2000 riots, where as far as I can remember the shooters were not in danger? My question is, in the case of these citizens, who were not just “paint-balled” but actually killed –

Sheftel: I’m actually very happy you bring this point up. And I will tell you very clearly: The Jihadist pogrom perpetrated by the Arab mob on Rosh Hashana that year, in any democratic country would have resulted in many more deaths of protesters than what happened during those three days, there in the Umm el Fahm area.

Take for instance a similar event between the British army and Irish Catholic protesters in Londonderry in 1969 – there the Irish left 31 dead in the field, and, for example, student protests in America and France.

In any country in the world, when it is democratic, and when there are thousands of people who are rioting, ruining property, destroy everything – and especially with us when it is all done to serve the interests of the scum of the human race Yasser Arafat – meaning, a foreign and murderous enemy – then yes! —

Zohar: But I’m not sure that ruining traffic lights and blocking roads justifies killing 13 citizens!

Sheftel: No country can allow! —

Zohar: But the constant whining, that “oy vey, they paint balled them” —

Sheftel: They did not paint ball them! They shot them with plastic bullets that can kill –

Zohar: Yeah, the plastic can hurt, but if the tables were turned, and the others felt what the real bullets were like, which I think they should have by the way… there’s a difference between those crazy people in the hills of Samaria, if only they tasted the bullets just like those Arabs did, maybe they would understand —

Sheftel: Listen to me, listen to me! —

Zohar: Let them taste what a 5.56 mm bullet feels like and then! —

Sheftel: We heard you, we heard you! Are you going to let me speak? If you don’t I’ll take you off the air —

At this point, Zohar is no longer listening and begins to rant. Sheftel decides to pull him off the air and answer him at his own leisure.

Sheftel: OK, now listen – your examples are full of disgraceful left-wing hatred, and of course we know, that everything a left winger says, that comes out of his left wing gob, is a lie.

Sheftel uses the word “smolan” for left-winger and it almost sounds like he’s hissing it with hatred: “Ssssssmolan”

Sheftel: And what do I mean? Just recently, the State of Israel had to destroy a Jihadist mosque in the town of Rahat. Plastic bullets were not used, ammunition was not fired, and the same goes for every Friday in Bilin, where you, and all your friends from the Hamas, and the Fatah, and the rest of the Jihadist Arabs that you and your friends cooperate with since the days of the SS General – may he rot in hell – Haj Amin al Husseini, every Friday you stand there with his students and his followers and throw stones and endanger the lives of Israeli soldiers – you are not shot upon with plastic bullets and neither are your Arab friends. It doesn’t happen! Bullets are shot only when a Jihadist mob like the one that rioted on Rosh Hashana in 2000 around Wadi Ara and for three days burned, torched, destroyed everything —

Suddenly Zohar is back on line, it’s like he never stopped ranting

Zohar: These people break Israeli law —

Sheftel: And by the way, in that same Jihadist mob there were Jews like you, who sympathized with them, because —

Zohar: Who said I was Jewish?

Sheftel: You low lifes called Arafat a man of peace!

Zohar: On what basis do you call me a Jew, you little kike? On what basis?

Sheftel: What?

Zohar: On what basis do you call me a Jew, you little kike?

Sheftel: I’m sorry, I beg your forgiveness, it’s true – you do not deserve to be called a Jew.

Zohar: I don’t, and I’m ashamed that people like you —

Sheftel: You anti-semitic piece of filth!

Zohar: We know that when Jews are spread around the world, it’s like fertilizer, it helps things grow, but when it’s concentrated like they are here, they just stink!

Sheftel: It’s too bad you didn’t live in the 1930’s, because then they would have published your thoughts in Der Sturmer! It’s exactly that anti-semitic trash that comes out of your stinking mouth —

Zohar: The ones full of hatred are you and the likes of you, who can not accept the other!

Sheftel: There is not one person in this country who is more full of hatred against Israel than the red, disgusting, murderous Palestinian vermin! Thank you and Shalom.


This is what Sheftel does every Thursday, between 2-4 pm. Two hours of hate, that today’s Israel is just fine tuning in to.