Ignorance is funny: “Female” Adam Sandler spray-painted

The status of women in Israel is a hot topic these days, what with our former president Moshe Katsav going to jail yesterday for rape, with Defense Minister Ehud Barak and IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz joking about singing girls in the army, women sitting at the back of the bus, and ads in Jerusalem and other orthodox neighborhoods where women are not shown. The list goes on.

One of Israel’s leading bloggers (and a personal favorite), Ido Kenan, got hold of a funny picture on this last topic. It seems that if you want to take Israel back to  Medieval times, your cognitive skills will also take step backwards, as this photo aptly demonstrates.

Ignorance is funny: “Female” Adam Sandler spray-painted
(photo: Ofir Bloch)

It’s a picture of an ad for Adam Sandler’s new film, Jack and Jill, taken somewhere in Jerusalem. The talented graffiti artist thought it was best to adhere to his rabbis, and spray painted the face of the woman on the ad.

Little did this ignormaus know, that Sandler plays both the man and the woman in the movie (identical twins).

Ignorance is funny: “Female” Adam Sandler spray-painted
(photo on right: Ofir Bloch)

Kenan couldn’t have said it better: “Dude, you sprayed a dude!”