Just a little ditty: “La-La, Mohammed’s dead”

My colleague Noam Sheizaf posted a video of this Jerusalem Day march a few weeks ago. I recently came across a longer version, with better subtitling.

It’s really worth a watch. I’ve always knew that we Jews were good at music. But man, I was totally blown away when I heard the cover these young right wingers, the cream of our crop, did to Pat Boone’s “Speedy Gonzales”.

“La-la-la-la… Mohamed’s dead, Mohamed’s dead!”

Utter genius.

If you move up to about minute 4:30 in the clip, you can see the lyrics are a tad improved:
“He’s not a prophet,
Just another Arab,
He’s got a mustache full of lice,
he sells goat cheese,
a construction worker,
even when he fasts on Ramadan,
he has an orange ID,
Mohamed’s a homo son of a bitch”
For a second I thought I might have seen some of the security forces tapping their feet to it. I mean, let’s face it – such a catchy tune! Well, they must have been dancing, since they didn’t do anything to stop it. Why should they? It was funded by the city.

Apparently they concur.

Anyway, I wonder what Pat Boone thinks of this version.

(Too bad they didn’t put any effort into the “Death to Arabs!” or “Let your village burn” chants)