Over 100 Jewish scholars condemn Trump admin for exploiting anti-Semitism

More than 100 Jewish academics sign open letter demanding the Trump administration stop exploiting anti-Semitism in order to quash criticism of Israel on college campuses.

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visit a memorial outside the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh Tuesday, October 30, 2018, following the mass shooting that left 11 worshippers dead. (Andrea Hanks/White House)
President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visit a memorial outside the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh Tuesday, October 30, 2018, following the mass shooting that left 11 worshippers dead. (Andrea Hanks/White House)

Jewish academics are fighting back against the Trump administration’s attempts to silence criticism of Israel on college campuses. More than 100 Jewish scholars have signed an open letter to the U.S. Department of Education in response to its demand that the Duke-University of North Carolina Consortium for Middle East Studies modify its curricular programming or face defunding.

The open letter to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, whose signatories include renowned scholar Judith Butler, Noam Chomsky, and artist Molly Crabapple, condemns the Education Department’s recent investigation of the consortium and subsequent ultimatum as “an unfounded and anti-democratic campaign of intimidation” and charges the Education Department with “exploiting fears of anti-Semitism” and “using Jews and our concerns over anti-Semitism to try and justify repressive policies.”

The letter also denounces the “shocking Islamophobia running throughout” the Education Department’s letter announcing the investigation’s findings.

DeVos ordered the investigation into the Duke-UNC Consortium following a complaint that a conference it hosted last March on the politics of the Gaza Strip — which featured several well-respected American, Israeli, and Palestinian experts — demonstrated “severe anti-Israel bias and anti-Semitic rhetoric.”

The Education Department has, under Trump, adopted an aggressive posture toward criticism of Israel and particularly the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement — a change perhaps best embodied by the appointment of the department’s civil rights chief, Ken Marcus. A longtime professional pro-Israel operative, Marcus has pushed the government to define the BDS movement as anti-Semitic and to designate anti-occupation and Palestine solidarity activism as violations of Jewish students’ civil rights.

But while the initial complaint of anti-Israel bias and anti-Semitism was the ostensible catalyst for the Education Department’s investigation, the letter announcing its findings made no mention of either anti-Semitism or Israel. Instead, the Education Department claimed the Duke-UNC consortium was failing to meet its requirements for federal funding by focusing too much on cultural studies courses and topics like “Love and Desire in Modern Iran” and not enough on “advancing the security and economic stability of the United States.” Thus, what began with the pretext of investigating an already spurious accusation of anti-Semitism turned into a rare federal intervention in the curricular programming of an academic institution.

“We have the Department of Education leveraging an attack on a conference related to Gaza to have a chilling effect on free speech overall on campuses,” said Lara Friedman, president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace, and one of the speakers at the conference on Gaza last March. The DOE’s actions, she said during an interview, were “effectively a broadside against Middle East studies programs nationwide that accept any federal funding.”

“The attack on the Gaza conference was bogus from the start,” Friedman added. “Anyone who actually reviewed what happened at the conference would say, ‘this is not anti-Semitism.’ And it appears the Department of Education was unable — assuming they were motivated to try to find antisemitism — to find it.”

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos speaking at the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland, February 23, 2017 (Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0)
U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos speaking at the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland, February 23, 2017 (Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0)

Charlotte Rosen, a doctoral student in history at Northwestern University who worked on the Jewish academics’ open letter, called the Education Department’s investigation “a cynical use” of Jewish historical trauma and an attempt to police the conversation about Israeli policy and silence already marginalized voices.

The Jewish academics’ letter, she said, was intended to send a message to the Trump administration of “a rejection coming from the very community they claim to be acting and speaking on behalf of.” Rosen added that the goal going forward would be “to continue to lift up the point that criticism of Israel and Israeli policy is not anti-Semitic.”

The Education Department’s investigation into the Duke-UNC consortium is part of the pro-Israel right’s ongoing anti-BDS offensive. Aided by the Trump administration, that offensive includes Assistant Secretary Marcus’s efforts to change the government’s definition of anti-Semitism, attempts to stifle campus criticism of Israel and Palestine solidarity activism, and anti-boycott bills — which the ACLU considers unconstitutional — that have passed in at least 27 states. American Jewish establishment organizations, from the Anti-Defamation League to the American Jewish Committee, have largely supported these measures.

“We are prepared, apparently, as a community to quash free speech across the board, on campuses, in the public space, if that’s what is required to have an exception for Israel,” Friedman said of the Jewish communal organizations’ approach to the Education Department’s investigation and the rash of anti-boycott bills. “The fact that this is happening at a moment of rising illiberalism, rising lethal anti-Semitism, and our community is actively participating in and contributing to the closing of space for free speech, for social protest, for political protest, is unconscionable.”

65 responses to “Over 100 Jewish scholars condemn Trump admin for exploiting anti-Semitism”

  1. itshak Gordine says:

    Are the protesters really Jewish or are they pseudo-liberal Jews totally assimilated? Do they know the practices of Judaism or are they simply Jewish in name with a mother who is not? It would be interesting to know. As far as the President Trump is concerned, he is extremely popular in Israel. As for the US ambassador to Israel, he said that Israelis know better what is good for their country than American Jews.

    • Bruce Gould says:

      @Itshak: I’ve decided I’d like to be a better Jew.
      Where do I send my application to upgrade my Jew-score? Who handles these things?
      Please provide an address or website.

      • itshak Gordine says:

        No address or website. We are Jewish if our mother is Jewish or if we converted according to the rules of Judaism by a competent authority. It’s simple.

  2. Firentis says:

    Ah yes, of course. A new ‘as a Jew’ note from Chomsky, Butler, and the rest of the ‘Jewish scholars’ who haven’t met an anti-Semite they wouldn’t defend as long as he is sufficiently anti-Israel. How predictable.

    • Rivka Koen says:

      You really do just roll all non-Likkudnik Jews into one big ball, don’t you? Judith Butler and Noam Chomsky have tremendous differences in their attitudes toward Israel and Zionism. But hey, like Butler I’m just a backwoods Northeast Ohio Jew, so what do I know. Other than being taught Hebrew by an Auschwitz survivor and then the very place where she taught me Hebrew as a child becoming a likely target of a mass shooting that was thwarted at the last minute, I know nothing about antisemitism.

  3. Lewis from Afula says:

    Several neo-Marxist JINOs sign a letter against Trump.
    Also signing were some of their students and idiot cronies.
    Yawny yawn……
    Must be a poor news day !

    • Rivka Koen says:

      Noam Chomsky and Judith Butler are real Jews who come from an authentic Jewish tradition that values wisdom, knowledge, learning, justice, righteousness, and restraint. They’re not anti-intellectual, knee-jerk, ummentshlekhe disgraces living in a Zionist Disneyland with no culture, no history, and absolutely no understanding of Jewish values whatsoever.

      • Lewis from Afula says:

        Chomsky is a semi-senile Communist nutjob. He lost his marbles many years ago and is not to be taken seriously.

        Butler is a Neo-Marxist activist who specializes in 3rd wave feminist, queer nonsense theory.
        An Israeli-hating activist who loves Hamas & Hezbollah (her friends on the Global Left).

        • Rivka Koen says:

          Noam Chomsky’s political positions haven’t radically changed over his many decades as a public intellectual. People have always had the same criticisms of him. Calling him senile only serves to show how disingenuous you are (at least to anyone who hasn’t already figured this out). You are uninterested in facts, and for this reason no one takes you seriously.

          • Lewis from Afula says:

            So I am living in a “Zionist Disneyland” ?
            Presumably my job is being paid in Make-belief monopoly money ?
            My apartment is also a pretend place that only exists in my imagination.
            The other 9 million Israeli citizens are also living in your Micky Mouse World.
            Perhaps, we are all living in a simulation, what..??

            As they say in a famous 1960s TV series:
            Its life, Jim
            But NOT as we know it !

          • Ben says:

            Absolutely, no question, the settlements are a Zionist Disneyland, an ersatz cowboys and indians jewish wild west biblical theme park sustained by artifice and pretend and by out-in-the-open and behind-the-scenes criminal apparatuses. I know that will upset the kiddies but they have to grow up some time.

            Everyone should read this intelligent (and yet incredibly kind, still) dismantlement of Bari Weiss by Judith Butler—it will dispel the nonsense Lewis perpetrates about Butler being some kind of weird nonsensical person rather than the formidable and sensible and down to earth Jewish scholar that she is—at least when it comes to Israel. The truth is out there:

            Bari Weiss’s Unasked Questions
            September 23, 2019 Posted byJudith Butler

          • Lewis from Afula says:

            The only disneyland round here is the imaginary, open borders World that exists in Ben’s lefty delusions.

          • Ben says:

            Is that like the Wide-Open-To-Erdogan Turkish-Syria border? Courtesy of Israeli State Hero Trump, a border now open to Erdogan’s Marauding Turks and open to the ISIS fighters he and Trump let loose? Is Israel going to erect another fawning monument to Bibi-BFF Trump in the occupied Golan now for this operatic betrayal and incompetence, this stupendous achievement?

          • Lewis from Afula says:

            Whatever Trump or anyone else does in Syria, Iraq, Turkey etc is not important.
            The important thing is that US has now recognized that the Golan is part of the State of Israel.

            I know that key fact irritates you.
            But that is the problem with being an Open Borders Nutter – you suffer from irritating facts!

  4. Ben says:

    @Trump: This by you and your henchwoman Betsy DeVos is a blunt violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. (And Matt McLaughlin, You are right: “Let alone Trump soiling American liberty by using support for Israel as a measure of citizenship.”)

    @Itshak: “Are the protesters really Jewish…?… We are Jewish if our mother is Jewish or if we converted.”

    Coherent! (Not.)

    “As far as the President Trump is concerned, he is extremely popular in Israel.”

    Yes he is, and it does not reflect well on the populace, now aka The Freierim:

    Trump’s Impeachment Meltdown Accelerates Collapse of Netanyahu’s Iran Strategy
    Israelis were astounded this week by the PM’s warning of imminent war with Iran – and by the realization that their hero U.S. president won’t have their backs

    “As for the US ambassador to Israel, he said that Israelis know better what is good for their country than American Jews.”

    Is he the Israeli Ambassador to the US or the US Ambassador to Israel? Is he dedicated to serving American Jews (and Gentiles) or to serving Israeli Jews? Because, as you know, his unprecedented behavior makes that a startling question.

    @Lewis: “Must be a poor news day!”

    Actually, no! Lots of news. Of a head-spinning kind. See the link above to:
    Israelis were astounded this week by the PM’s warning of imminent war with Iran – and by the realization that their hero U.S. president won’t have their backs

    @Firentis: Regarding Judith Butler, her recent highly intelligent dissection of Bari Weiss in Jewish Currents (“Bari Weiss’s Unasked Questions”) is a must read for everybody—really, it addresses all the persons making comments here today, they all should read it.

  5. Matthew Adams says:

    He looks like he’s ordering a Big Mac n fries. This idiot hasn’t got the faintest idea what he’s doing when he’s not watching the TV

  6. Tommy Goldberg says:

    The Trump administration isn’t just exploiting anti-Semitism.

    Trump is actively promoting it. When he calls Adam Schiff “shifty”, Trump’s supporters understand exactly what he means.


    • Lewis from Afula says:

      Yep, Trump is creating Antisemitism.
      That is why the most popular American President in Israel ever.

      As I have said before about 972 mag commentators:
      It’s life, Jim
      But NOT as we know it.

      • Ben says:

        All I can say is that the life form known as Lewis from Afula does not seem to be able to hold two ideas in its head at the same time or to entertain more than one simplistic idea about a given situation. Or to understand how creating anti-Semitism and being popular in Bibi’s Polish/Hungarian/American/Etc-anti-Semite-allying Israel are not antithetical at all. Nor does the life form seem to understand how the Israeli populace’s love affair with Trump does not reflect well on its perspicacity-capacities from any standpoint, moral, tactical or strategic:

        Trump’s Impeachment Meltdown Accelerates Collapse of Netanyahu’s Iran Strategy

        Falling in love with a con artist is never wise.

        • Rivka Koen says:

          Also who cares what Israelis think? In the country Trump actually is President of, Jews hate him, and he hates Jews.

          • Lewis from Afula says:

            That is because most of these Trump-hating American “Jews” are NOT functionally Jewish in any meaningful way. They…
            1. cannot write a simple sentence in Hebrew.
            2. do not attend temple even once a year.
            3. intermarry 70% of the time while the rest become eternal spinsters / batchelors.
            4. lack any factual knowledge of basic Jewish history.
            5. have never visited Israel.

            These people are in the last stages of assimilation and disappearance. In another 50 years, only a hard core of Frum Americans will remain.

          • Ben says:

            In any number of grossly anti-Semitic and “dual loyalty”-implying statements, Trump has equated Israel and Jews, Jews and Israel (“your country,” said to American Jews). Lewis is apparently incoherent enough that he both loves Trump for this kind of nastiness but also denies that the American Jews are “real Jews.” And then takes a further leap of illogic into the bottomless canyon arguing that Jews hate Trump, and Trump hates Jews because they are not real Jews. Lewis is in this way competing with Itshak Gordine for the Incoherence Sweepstakes (Itshak having argued that Jews who are liberal are not Jewish but anyway they are Jewish because they have Jewish mothers).

            Eli Valley’s artistic expression here is relevant:

        • Ben says:

          Trump betrays brave US ally, the Kurds, like he eventually betrays everyone. Betraying his own country the US at the same time. Gives thumbs up to Erdogan, fawns over him. Turks start the invasion.

          Yes, Israelis, falling in love with a con artist (and for your own selfish brutish reasons) is never wise.

          • Lewis from Afula says:

            More wise analytical pearls of wisdom from Comrade Ben – Leftist Israelbasher extraordinaire.

          • Ben says:

            It’s even worse than that: I’m a liberal.

          • Lewis from Afula says:

            As liberal as Trotsky’s arse !

          • Rivka Koen says:

            Better a comrade than a kapo any day. It was the communist Jews who fought back against the Nazis in Warsaw. It was right-wing Jews like you who were shipping us off to the camps and bossing us around inside them.

          • Rivka Koen says:

            It’s no use telling Israelis this; they are drunk off the power an alliance with Nazis has brought them. And when they sober up, their former allies in the Jewish Diaspora won’t be terribly sympathetic. Nor were we sympathetic when Haim Rumkowski showed up at Auschwitz after sending the rest of the Lodz ghetto there himself.

          • Lewis from Afula says:

            I have BREAKING news for you.

            The war is OVER.
            The 3rd Reich was defeated unconditionally over 70 years ago.
            Thus, there are NO Nazis for Israel to make an alliance with.
            Assuming they wanted to do that in the first place.

          • Ben says:

            You should tell that to the families of the Jews murdered in synagogues in Halle, Germany and Pittsburgh, USA. You should tell that to the family of the protesters murdered by the white supremacists who marched through an American street recently with torches and screaming “Jews will not replace us!” You should tell that to Hungarian and Polish Jews led now by Bibi’s buddies.

            On the other hand, I have gathered that Israelis of a certain right wing persuasion rather like anti-Semitism outside the Nation State of the Jewish People, or at least they don’t really mind it, because it only serves to herd more Jews of the diaspora into Israel for The Cause. You could see Bibi going full bore on this theme after anti-Semitic incidents in France. But of course Itshak will be there demanding compensation by Paris before a single hilltop outpost trailer could possibly be moved.

            You and Itshak were all fired up on Trump, a great man, the best president ever for Israel, and now you see the nauseating betrayal of the Kurds, American interests, Israeli interests, the western world’s interests Trump perpetrates, and how Bibi is the strategic fool. You see also Trump’s utter fickleness on Syrian and Iran. All of these things delivered impulsively, entirely based oh his passing calculations about his own personal self interests, all with the utmost shallowness, delivered by tweet, in utter disregard of every piece of professional advice he gets. All of which could be predicted ahead of time by any Israeli leader who *truly* had Israel’s long term interests and not his own selfish interest in mind. But you two were all gung ho on Trump, this utter bastard, this Russian agent, this lackey of Putin and Erdogan. (Honestly, the single theory that best explains Trump’s behavior, besides the severest narcissistic-antisocial personality disorder, is that he is in fact a Russian agent, that they have things on him and have turned him.) Ought to make you think twice about your selfish delusions. But it won’t. Enough said.

      • Ben says:

        Trump’s Kurdish Treachery Casts Netanyahu as Lone Rider on Paper Tiger
        The prime minister’s reckless gamble on a shameless U.S. president unravels before Israel’s startled eyes

        “…But even when Trump is being viewed by both allies and enemies of Israel as a paper tiger, Netanyahu has no choice but to continue riding it, because, as the original Chinese saying goes, the alternative of getting off is far more daunting. It would mean confessing to his own abysmal failure.
        Netanyahu bet the house on Trump…
        Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds, however, cannot be painted in a positive light. There is no spin that can cast it as something other than what it is: One of the most shameful betrayals in U.S. history….
        In normal times and in a normal country, the fate of a prime minister whose main policy has been exposed as a sham would be sealed. His career would be over….”

        • Lewis from Afula says:

          Who cares what happens in Syria ?
          The place is in a mess anyway – Half a million citizens dead and another 10 milion have left the country. Most of the towns and cities are in rubble. The armies of Iran, Turkey, Russia are milling all over the place. Disorganized bouts of fighting between Kurds, Shiites, Sunnis has spilled over into the civil war in Iraq next door.

          But whatever the commies have written in Haaretz MUST BE TRUE ‘cos Comrade Ben says so.

          • Ben says:

            I don’t mean to be rude, but just to state an honest observation, you sound as callous, clueless, immoral and downright stupid as Trump. There I’ve gone and done it. Elevated Lewis from Afula to the level of the President of the United States. No doubt Trump would call you “a great guy.”

          • Lewis from Afula says:

            Is it callous and immoral to state the truth ?
            Syria’s a total mess.
            Any analysis of Syria’s problems delivered by a Haaretz Leftist degenerate like G. Levy, Amira Hass or the liar, Pappe is BOUND TO BE WRONG.

          • Ben says:

            Yeah! Just like little shifty Schiff and that nasty lying woman Yovanovich cannot be “trusted” (you know what I mean) and are BOUND TO BE WRONG! More fake news from Ben the dastardly deep state haaretzian leftist degenerate! And Rudy’s a great guy! And I think he’s my lawyer still, until he’s not and then I never really knew the guy–Rudy who?

            Get back to me when the Yovanovich affair gets sorted out.

          • Lewis from Afula says:

            Comrade Ben’s rant above seems to be referring to Trump’s alleged Ukrainian corruption thing.
            I do not know much about it and I had to google up the names he is talking about.
            I suppose that event (whether proved true or not) and the terrorism of the “fakestinyan” non-entity are connected in some mysterious way that only radical commies can understand.

          • Ben says:

            True, you do not know much about anything. Why don’t you “google up” “Trump…Netanyahu’s blown cover as a reckless Trump-stooge just trying like Trumpy to stay out of prison now…settlers…narcissistic psychopaths masquerading as something else in a wild west bank disneyland biblical theme park.” To start.
            But really you ought to go right to the core truth and read about how your ideology of “fakestinyans” is a cover for denying basic rights in a master-slave relationship you enjoy masquerading as “security as morality.” (I’m being sardonic–I have no illusions about you actually reading this or being able to comprehend it if you did. It’s for other readers here):
            47 Years a Slave: A New Perspective on the Occupation

          • Lewis from Afula says:

            More confused, waffly rants from Comrade Ben.
            I do not care too much about Trump – one way or another – but I do recognize that he has been the most pro-Israeli US President ever.

            Regarding the slave nonsense. The Arabs can “free” themselves by returning to their own country (JORDAN) which is 20 miles down the road. Its 30 minutes in a car or a good day’s walk.
            Why should they move 20 miles ?
            They STARTED the BLOODY 6 DAY WAR in the 1st place.
            Duh…….. ??

          • Ben says:

            “the Arabs can “free” themselves by returning to their own country”

            Says the master-slave devotee who didn’t read Illouz, of course, and has no idea how his post ratifies exactly her analysis.

          • Lewis from Afula says:

            I am glad that Ben has finally got it.

            1. The JORDANIANS started the 6 day war.
            2. Israel captured the strategically-crucial Judea & Samaria from JORDAN.
            3. The occupied JORDANIANs renamed themselves.
            4. The renamed JORDANIANS continued their terror war against Israel.
            4. Thus the renamed JORDANIANS must RETURN to their own country (thus SOLVING THE PROBLEM).

          • Ben says:

            This has been classified elsewhere as the screeching kindergarten parrot routine. See the relevant post.

          • Lewis from Afula says:

            All this from a Leftist Parrot who cannot explain why a bunch of JORDANIANs transmuted to a different nationality AFTER they lost their own genocidal war.

  7. David Salcido says:

    BDS is as anti-Semitic as Pictures of YAD VASHEM are Islamophobic

    • Lewis from Afula says:

      Well, many Leftist Cuckoos do think that Yad Vashem is Islamophobic.
      That is because Yad Vashem has photos of Mufti Haj Amin Al Husseini meeting Hitler in 1941.
      Criticizing ol’ Haj Amin is surely Islamophobic is it not ?

      It is like pointing out the ethnicity of the multiple stabber in Manchester UK the other day as a Muslim. That is because he was described by police as “mentally unhinged” but no other details were released. That says MUSLIM in British English hint-language.
      ISLAMOPHOBIA again surely ?

      • Ben says:

        Of course the Halle and Pittsburgh synagogue murders and the bounty of right wing nut job atrocities proliferating all over the USA and Europe deserve no mention, just because that is the actual reality as opposed to the systematic distortion of facts you specialize in?

        No one takes you seriously just because of stupid stuff like these posts of yours here. You sound like an ex-employee of a Russian Troll Farm who didn’t make the cut because judged too obvious, and was let go, and so he made “heroic aliyah” to Afula where he set up his free lance shop hoping to impress his former employer, while reveling in the newfound opportunity to fight the scourge of Arab home ownership.

        The connection to Trump for you involves the fact that Alternative-Fact Truther Trump loves the Troll Farms and regularly asks (on national TV) the Russians and the Chinese to “look into” his American political opponents. And when his ambassador promotes human rights in Ukraine,for example, and doesn’t get with his corrupt schemes he gets upset and says to the Ukrainians that “she’s going to go through some things.” Trump the mob boss and Republican mob agitator. Bibi the mob boss and Likud mob agitator. Israeli occupation as organized crime….

        If there were any justice in this world you would be paying me teacher fees.

        • Lewis from Afula says:

          Ben assumes the antisemites who killed Jews in Halle, Pittsburg and San Diego are somehow on my payrole. Or if not me personally, at least they are being paid and encouraged by Netanyahu – a former IDF Captain, Special Ops Commando, successful author, trilingual and MBA graduate from MIT.
          It’s a strange accusation, isn’t it ?
          Its like these show trials that they had in Russia, during Stalin’s time. I am “an enemy of the people” – where the words “enemy” and “people” are defined by Comrade Ben himself.

          • Ben says:

            I would advise you not to submit this last post of yours, or the one before it, in your re-application to the Troll Farm. Taken together they show evidence of a downward progression.

          • Lewis from Afula says:

            Being the Troll Farm’s Chief Farmer, Ben surely knows everything about it.

          • Ben says:

            Oh I get it, the Russian Troll Farm Democratic Jewish Liberals Who Actually Care About Human Beings. Hahahahahaha….

          • Lewis from Afula says:

            ………………..jokes Ben, laughing at his own stupid humour that grown ups don’t get.

          • Ben says:

            Putin the Jewish liberal humanist! A real mensch! So THAT’s why Trump deeply admires him! Hahahahaha….

          • Lewis from Afula says:

            Do you listen to what you write ?
            Your sentences and topics are all jumbled up.
            Time for you to up the meds !

          • Ben says:

            That’s what Trump just said about Pelosi–“Nancy’s having a meltdown!”–when she stood up to him and said to him “Do all roads lead to Putin?!” Trump’s the last guy in the room to get it.

          • Lewis from Afula says:

            Ben does not realize that we (Israelis) do NOT follow ALL the details of US politics.

          • Ben says:

            I don’t write to cater to your interests.

          • Lewis from Afula says:

            and neither do I for your’s.

          • Ben says:

            “we (Israelis) do NOT follow ALL the details of US politics.”

            You can catch up on everything you missed. It’s your lucky day:

            How ‘Israel Hayom’ became Trump’s mouthpiece in the Middle East

          • Lewis from Afula says:

            I have no interest in catching up on the latest Trumo-Pelosi drama.

          • Ben says:

            You and Trump both like to mock the disabilities of reporters who bother you by reporting the truth. You might want to keep track of Trump, learn some good techniques.

          • Lewis from Afula says:

            I am not mad keen on Trump. Although he has done very good things for Israel, his excessive narcissism, womanizing and silly midnight tweets are not my cup of tea.

          • Ben says:

            “Excessive narcissism” is like calling fulminant pneumonia a chest cold. The man is a monster. A low criminal. He will sell out anyone. He should be in prison and I expect he will be after due process. A man’s character is his fate and Trump’s character is what it is and his fate will be commensurate. And those who lie with him will suffer in the long run accordingly. And a lot of people who don’t lie with him will suffer because of him. Are already suffering. Anyone with any judgment of character could have seen this coming. The striking thing is how Israelis admire him and see Mr. “There are Fine People on Both Sides” as “good for the Jews.” Amazing shallowness and shortsightedness, tactically, strategically, morally, it’s a glaring blindness. And says some very uncomfortable things about Israelis.

          • Lewis from Afula says:

            Out of thousands of speeches, tweets and answers to journalists made by Trump, you get obsessed about 2 or 3 where the guy mispoke. Trump’s other 100-odd positive statements about Jews, you convenienty omit from your memory.

            Regarding Trump being a corrupt criminal, that is the nature of ALL US politicians. Remember, Hilary’s illegal private server and her giant charity fraud scam?

          • Ben says:

            Well, this simply shows you really know nothing, are blissfully ignorant of what is really going on with Trump. And not just Trump. As a measure of your general awareness, it is really quite striking. And it fits with your other production about Israel and the Middle East.

          • Lewis from Afula says:

            Yes, it is fair to say that Comrade Ben does not like Trump !