LIVE: Silwan burns after killing- cars, buses torched

Urban fighting has been raging in the East-Jerusalem neighbourhood of Silwan since early morning, after a private security guard for one of the Jewish settlements shot and killed a local resident. The guard claimed he thought he was fighting off a kidnapping attempt; the residents say he got out of his car, and chased the victim on foot for 60 meters before shooting him. Two more were injured in the incident.
With morning light, scores of residents took to the street, chanting slogans and squaring off with army and riot police. Some petrol-bombing has been reported. Joseph Dana is on the ground, reporting live via phone and his Twitter channel. I’ll be following his reports and adding what I can from mainstream media and other sources.
Here’s Joseph’s latest update. Refresh the page to see more:

13:40: The mourners ripped through four Egged buses – the people inside escaped uninjured – and torched at least one them. There’s heavy stone-throwing now, with the Palestinians on the Temple Mount and the army milling outside.
13:20: The funeral is happening and the fucking place is going to blow up