Mubarak, a dictator for hire as next Israeli president

Yesterday was a historic day for the Egyptian people, as they turned the final page of the “court case of the century.” Ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was sentenced to life in prison, marking a precedent in the Middle East. Some Egyptians were hoping that Mubarak would receive a death sentence for his role in the murder of protesters; others believed he was too old to be put to death.

But in Israel, the country that sent its former president, Moshe Katsav, to prison for rape, there seemed to be some sadness. Some believe that the Egyptians are ungrateful to Mubarak and what he has done for Egypt in his 30 years of service. Israel, for its part, has been faithful to Mubarak through all his years as president. From the beginning of the revolution, Israel took an active stand in defending Mubarak and lobbying the West to curb its criticism of him. Israeli leaders saw Mubarak as a vital part of the Middle East and wished, regardless of how the Egyptian people felt about him, he would stay. After all, democracy isn’t for everyone.

Given the developments in Egypt, Israel should consider Hosni Mubarak, the dictator for hire, to be its next president. Current Israeli President Shimon Peres will soon finish his term. Mubarak is available and looking for a nation that could use his experience as a dictator and oppressor. Mubarak is also an Arab – this will help Israel’s image internationally as a multi-ethnic state.

In a radio interview, Israeli Knesset member and former defense minister Benjamin Ben Eliezer expressed deep sadness over the life sentence handed to Hosni Mubarak, describing him as the “king of the Middle East.”

The verdict brought me deep sorrow, because I admire that man … he is an irreplaceable leader … the last of his kind… It hurts. I know him, his house, his family. It’s someone who’s close to you, someone you know, and suddenly you see this giant who was once the king of the Middle East — actually, the undisputed leader of the Middle East — sitting in a cave like some injured animal, helpless but still keeping his dignity intact… He was the main reason for the stability of the Middle East, and there was none other like him. He held the Middle East together.

Given the above quotation, it would be a shame to let someone with Mubarak’s qualifications disappear from political life. Mubarak’s resume includes extensive expertise that would be useful for Israel. He promoted corruption and supported the privatization of the Egyptian public sector by selling it dirt cheap to his friends. He opposed so-called “social justice” and eliminated social programs. Most importantly, he knew the importance of security. He created underground prisons for those who disagreed with him and used torture and murder to silence his opposition. When it came to the Palestinians, Mubarak was known for his unwavering support of Israel and his dislike of the Palestinian people. Mubarak is also known for his iron fist, and he has extensive knowledge in rigging elections and controlling the legislative and judiciary branches of the government for his own interest.

Considering all of Mubarak’s qualifications, it seems appropriate for Israel to include Mubarak in the next prisoner exchange agreement with Egypt. After his release as a hero in Israel, he could easily win right-wing support in the Knesset, and serve with pride as the next Israeli president.

Mubarak’s term as president could help Israel move to the far right, allowing it to implement practical steps toward becoming a true dictatorship. For example, Mubarak has a long history of ignoring international law, and he has never believed in slogans about human rights and freedom. He could help Israel rid itself completely from any international commitment to human rights. Mubarak is also likely to crack down against the Palestinians and annex the West Bank and Gaza. Most importantly, he is likely to reform the prison system in Israel to include new forms of torture that proved themselves in Egypt.

As Israel transforms to become a natural part of the Middle East, the experience of a seasoned dictator is essential. Mubarak will accelerate the movement away from democracy and would be a perfect partner with anti-democratic forces in Israel. In Egypt Mubarak was the legislator, the judge, and the president. So, since the dictator for hire is available, please join me in campaigning for  Mubarak as the next president of Israel.