Nov 15: compliments for the freeze came too early


Yedioth leads with yet another expose on Remedia, a milk-substitute for babies, citing a new research that shows children have suffered even worse developmental damage than previously thought. The moratorium on settlements is relegated to a smaller headline, and the newspaper predicts the cabinet will vote for the moratorium. Well, why wouldn’t they.

Ma’ariv leads with a part taunting, part tut-tutting headline, chiding Obama for congratulating Netanyahu on launching another moratorium before the cabinet actually voted on the matter. Appropriately, the banner runs:” Obama already decided there’s a freeze,” and the headline calls out for “The blessing and the embarrassment”.

Just below that is the bizarre attack Ma’ariv unleashed through sports commentator Avi Ratzon on “Obama’s Escort Boy,” “jealous” Tom Friedman. Read it to believe it.

Both newspapers also have a somewhat cheesy jingo feature on their front pages: Ma’ariv tells us the breathtaking story of two twin brothers who not only both serve in the Givati infantry brigade, but live on… Givati Street in Yavne (omg, omg). Yedioth offers readers to donate ten shekels to the cause of holidays for combat troops by text-messaging the name of their favorite IDF unit to a certain number. The fact that the Hebrew word “yehida” means both “unit” and “only one”, allows Yedioth to title this extravaganza as “You’re My Unit.” Romeo is bleeding.

Yisrael Hayom, the Prime Minister’s Own Freesheet, leads the moratorium story with a movie-like title, “Moratorium Storm Two.” In the banner, Strategic Threats Minister Moshe Yaalon strategically threatens us that “this could be a honey trap.” Perhaps he fears Israel will drown in the malvasia of America’s stupendous aid offer.

Haaretz offers a sensible headline, informing us who of the ministers is likely to support and who to oppose the moratorium. It also anticipates the visit of MK Haneen Zoabi to Haifa University today, which ended up sparking a major right-wing riot.


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Barak Ravid of Haaretz interviews the last classical nationalist-liberal of the Likud, Dan Meridor, on the borders of the Palestinian state.