PHOTOS: Tel Aviv protest denounces violence against transgender people

Photos and report by: Oren Ziv and Keren Manor/

Approximately 1,000 transgender and LGBTQ activists marched Thursday night along the streets of Tel Aviv to protest transphobic hate crimes. The protest, organized by “Gila – Project for Trans Empowerment,” was held following an attack on a trans sex worker two weeks ago in Tel Aviv by eleven men with pepper spray and electric shockers. After their arrest, it was revealed that all eleven were off-duty border policemen. Police officials called the assault a “prank” fueled by “boredom.”

The protesters marched in the streets of Tel Aviv, denouncing homophobia and hate crimes and reclaiming their right to respect, protection and justice.

Around 238 trans persons, mostly women, were murdered in 2013 around the world because of their gender variance. Every six hours a trans person is attacked. Many of the victims also report that humiliation and attacks continue while under police interrogation.