PLAY the Ehud Barak Game: “If I were ____, I would surely ____”

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak likes to imagine himself in different positions. And I don’t mean that in a kinky way. Yesterday he told Charlie Rose that if he were Iranian he’d probably want the bomb, too.


In 1998, as many of you recall, Barak told Haartez journalist Gideon Levy that if he had been born Palestinian, he would have joined a terror organization, too.

So, who will Barak imagine to be next? Mexican? Korean? An Ozzie?

Or maybe, he’d like to be something or someone totally different? Maybe he’d like to be Madonna? Or Eddie Murhpy? Or a piece of blue cheese?

Tell ya what – I’ll pitch it over to our readers. This is your chance to show some creativity.

I’ll give it the first go:

Ehud Barak: “If I were Greek, I’d surely be a lazy bum, too.”

Ehud Barak: “If I were Charlie Sheen, I’d surely be wasted by now, too.”

Over to you!