Put out our fire and go back to where you came from!

Doesn’t matter how you look at it, or what excuses you come up with. It’s just plain embarrassing
The fire on the Carmel
The fire on the Carmel
So, how embarrassed was I when I read this news item today, about Palestinian firemen who helped put out the fire in the Carmel but were refused entry to Israel to honor their efforts? On a scale of 1-10 , it sent violent shivers down my spine, making it an 11.

And the PA reaction even makes us look worse. We could use a lesson or two in diplomacy from these guys:

“It’s not clear how the same firefighters who got permits to go out and help snuff the fire now are now refused permits to their honoring ceremony,” said the PA.

“We did this despite the occupation because it was our humane duty,” it added. “We knew the occupation would still be here after our assistance.”

Even if the excuses of a “technical mistake” are true, it embarrasses me just as much. Doesn’t matter how you look at it – either they were barred entrance due to “intentional occupation” or “mistaken occupation”. Neither of them are acceptable.