Rightist Facebook group member: How do we get explosives?

(Updated below)

Zion Fighters” is a steadily growing ultra-rightist group that’s trying hard to become  a real organisation. Its imagery and language are extremely militant, rallying against non-Jewish MKs, left wingers and, obviously, Arabs. But last night members of their Facebook group broke a record of sorts:

Aviv Tam: Who can get C4?

Karin Cohen: Lol great question I didn’t manage to get a gun and you’re talking to me about C4? We have a stupid country every 8 years old in Gaza has a bazooka, I’m older than him and I want a gun and can’t get it, there [in Gaza] as much weapons as there’s  sand baaaah

Gorge Jacluine: if u need to buy a gun and cant just build a mechanisem to shoot a bullet then u most likely shouldnt have one in the first place… : )

Aviv Tam: It’s all humorously, right?!

Karin Cohen: I’m actually about taking it seriously…

Aviv Tam: Me too, I mean it’s off the record.

The first thing thrown up by Wikipedia in return to “C4” is plastic explosives; it’s one variety of the stuff rather frequently mentioned in Hollywood movies.  Note that judging by the profile pictures, Tam at least appears to be a soldier in the IDF.

Update 22:15: “Zion Fighters” discovered +972. They promptly erased Aviv Tam’s original post on their wall, and are now rather hysterically yapping that they are going to sue yours truly and/or the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity movement, which posted a link to this post on its Facebook wall. It’s too bad Tam himself did not erase the update about his query from his own Facebook profile feed (click to see the picture in full size):

Update 23:43 The libel suit threats continue. I’ll believe it when I see it. For the meantime, their chief argument appears to be that despite references to other weapons in the thread, Tam did not mean explosives when he said C4. Just for the record, here are all the other possible meanings of “C4” offered by Wikipedia. Try and see if any of the alternatives make sense in the context. “Who can get oral cancer / King Christian IV of Denmark?” :

In biology:

In vehicles:

In paper:

  • C4, an international standard paper size (229*324 mm), defined in ISO 216
  • C4, the envelope size matching the A4 paper size

In computing:

  • Cx4 chip, an add-on microprocessor chip for the Super Nintendo system (often incorrectly referred to as the C4 chip)
  • Flip chip packaging is also called Controlled Collapse Chip Connection, or C4
  • VIA C4, a planned design of central processing unit for a personal computer
  • C4 (conference), a Macintosh software developers conference
  • C4 Engine, a next-generation 3D game engine
  • Suneido programming language is the successor language to the C4 programming language from Axon Development Corporation
  • Chaos Computer Club Cologne (Köln), also see Chaos Computer Club

In music and television:

In sports

  • C4, an abbreviation for a four-man Sprint Canoe, see Canoe racing
  • C4, a term used to refer to the UEFA Intertoto Cup, a football competition (mainly used in non-English speaking countries)

In chess

  • 1. c4, also called the English Opening, is the fourth most popular chess opening.