The next step in the fight for social justice: Jumping off Dizengoff Center

On my walk home from work this afternoon, I happened to pass by Dizengoff Center. There was a mass of people, which steadily grew during the time I spent watching, as police officers attempted to calm the scene. Eight young people stood, as if in some kind of eerie performance, on the bridge connected the two concrete buildings of the shopping mall. They had apparently all written farewell letters, demanding social justice and are currently threatening to jump to their deaths. All traffic was quickly stopped by passersby, and concurrently by police forces. Ambulances swiftly drove in with stretchers, ready to carry off any potential jumpers.

Demonstrators threatening to jump off of Dizengoff Center
Demonstrators threatening to jump off of Dizengoff Center

The group of spectators gathering was busy asking one another if they thought anyone would actually take the leap. Though only two stories off the ground, the fall would no doubt cause serious damage. When I walked away, all of them had yet to jump.

And thus, the fight for social justice in Israel rages on.

At 8 P.M. this evening, Haaretz reported that the demonstrators had abandoned their posts at Dizengoff Center. As of right now, there are no injuries reported.