WATCH: IDF reservists call for charging makers of ‘5 Broken Cameras’ with incitement

And, the Oscar for weirdest item of the day goes to… the group of soldiers who call for charging the makers of ‘5 Broken Cameras’ with incitement!

The Israeli website Mako reports that the group, known as “Consensus – Guardian of the IDF Spirit,” has posted the following Youtube clip as part of a campaign against the makers of the movie (my subtitles).


Mako reports:

“The movie Five Broken Cameras is indeed a nominee in the category for best documentary, but it seems it should be in the category for best propoganda film. The film lacks any objectivity, and its only purpose is to harm the IDF and its soldiers.”

The organization also warned that IDF soldiers who appear in the movie may be in danger, and they call on these soldiers to contact them in case there is a need to ask the Attorney General to charge the makers of the movie with incitement.

I wonder if they’ll sue the Academy for enabling this “crime.”