WATCH: Israeli activists say Julia Louis-Dreyfus commercial is ‘offensive’ to women

The Yes satellite television company is out with a new commercial, that for the past couple of weeks has caused quite the debate on Israeli social networks.

Yesterday, the head of the Naamat organization, a leading women’s movement, wrote to the public appeals ombudsman of Channel 2, demanding the commercial be taken down because it is offensive to women.

I’m not sure I know how to take this commercial. First of all, i just think it’s bad. It’s not funny. At all. And Israelis probably don’t know that the ‘ole mistaking-fat-woman-for-pregnant joke is one of the oldest in the book. When Louis-Dreyfus got this script she must have rolled her eyes, saying “who writes this shit?”

Let’s face it, it’s grotesque laughing at overweight people. But, it just seems so hypocritical to lash out against it in the “reality show” society we live in these days, where viewers are encouraged to laugh and poke at the various contestants who are different than the norm.

What do you think?