WATCH: Settlers set fire to Palestinian olive grove, man shot

Eyewitness report that a Palestinian who tried to put out a fire started by settlers in Urif was shot and injured. 

Throughout the day, there were reports of settlers from Yitzhar trying to set fire to Palestinian olive groves near the village of Urif, south of Nablus in the West Bank. The entire area is know for its frequent confrontations between settlers and local farmers. A team from B’Tselem who arrived at the spot caught one of the attacks on camera; Sarit Michaeli, spokesperson for B’Tselem who filmed the video, told me she had a very clear view of the settlers torching the field.

According to Palestinian and Israeli sources, the settlers also opened fire on several Palestinians who tried to protect their field. At least one person was injured, and the Palestinian and Israeli media is reporting that his condition is grave. You can hear (but not see) the shots at the beginning of this video, before the camerawoman runs away. According to Michaeli, she later saw an entire group of armed settlers on the hill.

Here is the evacuation of the wounded man. According to Palestinian sources, he was beaten before local villagers arrived and were able to evacuate him (there is no confirmation or video of this). Soldiers who stood at the bottom of the hill didn’t help the evacuation, nor did they stop the settlers who torched the olive groves. According to B’Tselem, fires were being started even after the man was shot.

In the past, the Israeli media has linked settlers from Yitzhar to numerous “Price Tag” activities, in which settlers who weren’t satisfied with government or army activities took out their revenge on local Palestinian residents. On Sunday, Haggai Matar posted videos here in which settlers are clearly seen shooting a young Palestinian, while the soldiers stand idly by. I recommend reading his report and watching the videos here.

Why IDF soldiers stand idly by when settlers attack Palestinians