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Edo Konrad
Edo Konrad

Dear reader,

I’m not sure if you feel it, but the ground is shifting beneath our feet. The inauguration of Netanyahu’s sixth government — the most radical and fundamentalist in Israeli history — has brought with it trepidation and anxiety. The far right’s attempted judicial coup, daily attacks on Palestinian and left-wing activists, and the government’s pursuit to enshrine Jewish supremacy between the river and the sea keep me up at night, wondering what tomorrow will bring. Add to that a far-right pyromaniac running the police and a far-right messianic who called to wipe out an entire Palestinian village in charge of the West Bank and who just this week declared that there is no such thing as Palestinians, and you can understand truly how grim things are at this moment.

And yet, despite the clear, dangerous escalation, things are changing. The global community, as well as a growing segment of the Jewish Israeli public, is finally waking up to the reality here. Whether it’s the growing understanding among the anti-government protesters that there is no democracy without equality for all — and their adoption of BDS-style tactics in their struggle — the cold shoulder that Israeli leaders are receiving around the world, or the growing support for the Palestinian cause among Democrats in the United States.

At such a critical and decisive time, trustworthy journalism that is committed to justice for all plays a crucial role. We need you — our readers — to help us do our part the best we can, so that democracy for all will prevail. Support +972 Magazine now.

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Ever since +972 was founded over 12 years ago, we have been writing about the political trends that have brought us to the current moment. For years we have been cautioning against the Israeli right’s plans to annex the occupied territories, its ceaseless settlement building, and its desire to subjugate Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line. We warned against the collusion between settlers and soldiers, against endless attacks on Palestinian and human rights groups, and against attempts to make the occupation invisible in favor of an imagined and dangerous status quo.

There is certainly no vindication in saying “we told you so,” especially when so much is on the line. But there is a sense of opportunity and hope in watching how, slowly but surely, more and more people are starting to recognize that an apartheid regime can never be a democracy, and that control and subjugation of another nation will never guarantee peace.

That does not mean we’re going to win overnight. The struggle for freedom and equality for all those who live in and belong to this land is a long one. We pledge to continue to provide the best on-the-ground coverage and critical analysis of Israel-Palestine so we can shine a light on these struggles and connect the dots for those who still don’t see how a military regime for some ends up becoming a dictatorship for all. But to do that, we need you — our faithful readers — with us.

In this struggle, we know we may be facing many risks on the side of this new government. We also know we have a unique opportunity to make a difference right now. Support +972 Magazine at this pivotal moment. Or better yet, become a member of +972 with a monthly support to help make our work sustainable over the long haul. Thank you!

In solidarity,
Edo Konrad