You gots your O’Donnell, we gots our Gafni

When one American politician reminds me of a local one

Moshe Gafni (Photo: Knesset website)
Moshe Gafni (Photo: Knesset website)

Moshe Gafni, the chairman of the oh-so-powerful finance committee reminded me today of Christine O’Donnell. Remember how Bill Maher showed that clip where she said evolution was a myth? Oh, c’mon – you gotta see it:


Well, here in Israel we have our own politicians who every so once in a while let their belief systems take over what most of us would call, umm… logic. See, today Gafni stated [Heb] he knows exactly why Israel is such a financial success. Here’s what he had to say in the session today as Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz gloated about his budget

The financial forecasts during the crisis were grim. They said the quality of life would suffer and that unemployment would go up to 10%. But look, what a wonder, we were the last to enter the crisis, and we were the first to leave it. Furthermore, the crisis didn’t hurt the civilians or the quality of life.

I believe this is because the state is helping the Torah, and because the Finance Minister is helping the yeshivas. I mean, we were supposed to be hit very hard.

There it is, folks.

Divine intervention.