A note to our readers

From the 972 Board of Directors,

Nearly two months ago 972 – Advancement of Citizen Journalism, the non-profit operating this site, decided to part ways with our Executive Director, Sawsan Khalife’.

The dismissal of Khalife was the result of professional disagreements. Following a short proceeding in labor court today, Khalife retracted the unjust accusations she had leveled. In kind, +972 retracted its list of grievances as well. As part of the agreement finalizing her dismissal, Khalife’ will receive a modified compensation package. We wish her all the best.

We are glad this ordeal is behind us, and have nothing but confidence in our staff and bloggers, whom we fully support. And thank you – our partners and readers – for the continued trust and support you have placed in us for nearly seven years.

We will continue our work doing independent, on-the-ground, critical journalism, and continue to serve as a platform and home to a broad range of communities, as part of our commitment to democracy, ending the occupation, peace, equality, social justice, transparency, and freedom of information.