A waste of a summit, a waste of a lobby

I gotta hand it to Bibi.

Seriously, the guy’s a magician.

Today, in what has been coined the most important summit between Netanyahu and Obama since they both took office, the most important issue will not be discussed.

Instead of talking about how to end a 45-year-old unnecessary occupation, these dimwits are going to discuss an unnecessary war.

Instead of talking about what America and Israel could – and should – do to stop a massacre (some already using the word “genocide”) taking place in Syria as they speak, these losers are going to talk about a massacre that doesn’t have to happen, and certainly won’t if they could stop their ridiculous saber rattling for a minute.

So yeah, go on. Talk about Iran.

Gotta hand it to him. The man’s a friggin’ genius.


I agree with my colleague Mairav Zonszein about choosing Ehud Olmert as keynote speaker for the J Street conference. I’ve seen a few news items on this, but oddly enough – Olmert is not on the conference schedule on their website.

But if indeed this is true, it should be seen as just one more nail in J Street’s coffin.

And it’s not only because Olmert is a b-list (d-list, in my opinion) ex-politician.

Almost two years ago, after Obama’s election and J Street’s emergence as what seemed back then to be a new and inspiring voice, I had high hopes. I wrote about those hopes a few times, urging my family and friends in the States to join forces with the new pro-peace lobby.

Both Obama and J Street have made unfortunate choices, too many to be counted here in this short post.

While Obama may indeed be re-elected (only to be pushed around another 4 years by AIPAC), I see no reason to continue believing that J Street has anything real to offer.

Let’s face it, J Street, it was a nice idea. But you came in too late. 15, 10 – maybe even 5 – years earlier, and you might have made a difference.


Now, when I think of J Street, knowing the two state solution is dead, the only things that pop to mind are:


“Too little, too late,”

“Turn out the lights, the party’s over.”

I actually believed in you guys. But you’ve done nothing but show weakness after weakness after weakness.

You didn’t have much time to begin with, but you squandered the time that you had.

As we say in Hebrew, it’s time to close the “basta” (shop).