Binyamin Netanyahu is as anarchist as they come

Just how disconnected Binyamin Netanyahu and his Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz really are is unbelievable

At the weekly Sunday government meeting, Netanyahu had the audacity to say the following about Israel’s striking doctors, who are protesting the agreement their “representatives” reached with the Treasury (my bold):

“I understand your desire to improve the terms of the contract, but no one in Israel is above the law. We all must abide by court rulings, otherwise we will have anarchy,” he told the medical residents.
No one in Israel is above the law? Really? I could think of few, mainly across the Green Line, who seem to do what ever they want, wherever they want.

And his poodle of minister, Steinitz, is just as bad (my bold):

“This isn’t a health crisis, but a struggle for the State of Israel’s identity,” Steinitz said as he entered Sunday’s government meeting. “This struggle will determine whether this is a state of law and order, where contracts are honored and court rulings are carried out – or an anarchic state, where everyone acts of their accord.”
Really? It’s the doctors who are the anarchists? Not the guys sitting on hilltops in clear violation of international – and Israeli – law?

The doctors, who earn 30 something shekels and hour? They’re the anarchists? The doctors who work 30 hours shifts every other day, who don’t see their kids on weekends, and do their reserve duty every year? They’re the anarchists?!?

And you have the nerve to talk about court rulings?? As if the IDF follows court rulings to move separation fences, or to quit targeted killings, or to remove outposts!

Talk about “practice what you preach…”

Who doesn’t obey the courts in Israel?

Who is the true anarchist in this land?