British parliament debates Israeli military tribunals

The British Labour party is now debating what the Israeli labor party refuses to acknowledge, the horrific treatment of Palestinians in Israeli military courts. I have covered the military court system extensively on this website in relation to the repression of the Palestinian popular unarmed struggle. Amira Hass’s article  in today’s Haaretz points to positive developments in the UK that could raise international awareness and create pressure on Israel to start behaving like a civilized Western country.
Another member of her faction(British Labour Party), Richard Burden, added: “I thought that the area (West Bank) had lost its capacity to shock me.” But he realized he had made a mistake “when I saw the military court and what went on there.”
The visiting MPs were sitting in one of the caravans – the halls of the court – when they “heard a jangle of chains outside the door of the courtroom,” Osborne continued. “Army officers led child detainees into the military courtroom. The children’s legs were shackled, they were handcuffed and they were all kitted out in brown jumpsuits. One had to wonder if the soldiers felt threatened by 13- and 14-year-old boys.”