Cairo, day 1: Referendum on constitutional amendments

Today, my first day in Cairo, is an historic one: Egyptians are voting on whether or not they want their constitution – which was suspended during the revolution – to be amended. People are lining up to vote in endless queues at polling stations all over Cairo, and Egyptians I follow on Twitter are updating constantly about the voting process. They are expressing concern over possible irregularities, as well as exuberance at participating in the democratic process.

Cairo, day 1: Referendum on constitutional amendments
Cover of the March 2011 edition of Enigma, an Egyptian fashion magazine

Aljazeera’s website has a cogent breakdown and analysis of the amendments; and this article on AJ’s website explains why Egyptians are deeply divided about whether or not they want the constitution amended. Most of my Egyptian friends are voting ‘no.’

The YouTube clip below shows prominent Egyptians explaining why they plan to vote ‘no.’


I’m writing this on the fly – am about to accompany a friend as he votes, and will spend the rest of the day talking to people around the city.

I’ll post an article with photos this evening (evening in Cairo).