Crossing a border from enemy territory is not “nonviolent”

I’ve got the post-Nakba Day blues. It really showed how screwed up this region is. How disrespectful people are of each other. How hateful.

Lorry, Lorry, Hallelujah

Nakba Day got off to a great start with a terror attack in the middle of southern Tel Aviv. A truck driver smashed into everything in sight, his rampage went along a route longer than 2 kilometers. One person was killed, several badly injured.

Nowhere did I hear condemnations from Arab MKs or left-wingers (if there were – please point them out to me). The family and friends gave the usual “it must have been an accident” excuse. Please. Don’t insult our intelligence. A guy gets on a truck, on Nakba Day, “loses control” for 2 kilometers, and when he gets off he smashes a girl in the head with a traffic light while yelling “Alla hu-Akbar” – and you’re still not sure it’s a terror attack. No wonder the mainstream calls us “extremists”.

Mind the gap

Then the storming of borders started.

First they came over in the Golan. They actually climbed over the fence, and walked into Israel. Now, I know a lot of you aren’t going to like what I say here, but if you want to come in to a country, you do it through a border crossing. And if you can’t pass through a border crossing because you’re in a state of war with that particular country, you wait till there’s a peace agreement. But if you just can’t wait and feel like you have to come over, understand this: you’re a trespasser.

Not only that, if the sovereign state behind you, with army and police in check, allows you to cross that fence – then I will treat you as their emissary, acting on their behalf, and see it as an act of war. An act of aggression. The farthest thing from nonviolent demonstrations I can think of. When I think of nonviolent protest, I see the pics from Selma, picket signs, sitting on the ground and praying. That’s nonviolent. Use the word correctly please. You can be unarmed, yet you can still be violent, or commit a violent act. It’s not an act of civil disobedience. It’s aggression. Period.

Cross the fence – prepare to die. It’s as simple as that.

And I don’t care whether it’s moral or not. Is the Golan occupied territory? Yes. Should it be given back? Hell, for all I care they can give it back all the way to the Sea of Galilee for a peace accord. Is the fence the real border? I couldn’t care less. It’s a barrier. A barrier between me and an enemy country. A barrier between an enemy country and my family. My kids. All you need is for one of those many hundreds who passed that fence to be carrying explosives under their shirt, and you got yourself a terror attack.

Were they all unarmed? Are any of you willing to bet your life on that? I’m not willing to, and definitely not the life of my children.

So yeah, screw morality, and screw purple lines, cease fire lines or all the semantics. Cross the barrier into Israel “proper”, where my family, is without permission – I shoot. It’s not like these guys are crossing over from Canada into the States.

Heck, one of them got all the way to Jaffa. He was a nice one. Are we lucky? Are we sure all of them have left Israel? Are we sure all of them are innocent as this guy was, unarmed?

And I’m tired of all us lefties just being “fine” with Syrian armies and Lebanese armies just sitting back and doing nothing. You want to give Palestinians their due sovereignty? Than you demand other sovereign countries to keep their citizens in line. Otherwise it’s a military act of aggression.

As for what happened in Lebanon, apparently there were no border crossings there. Still, charging the fence is an act of aggression. And trust me, Hizballah was fine with it. And they are the rulers of the land, let there be no doubt about it.

Inshallah the Arab spring will take Assad and Nasrallah soon, and spare us all of their stupidity, matched only by Netanyahu’s. Maybe they’ll take him away, too.

Apartheid galore

So, you might ask: Ami, then you probably don’t mind the IDF reacting violently in Qalandiya? Actually, I do mind. Because that’s inside Israel. Those people are under our rule. I am their caretaker, and I have done nothing to take care of them for over 40 years, except brutally occupy them. Shooting at another people, inside your borders, is the epitome of apartheid.

Officer Bachar loses his cool

If anything shows the ingrained hatred of mainstream Israel towards its own Arab citizens, it’s the video of a high ranking police officer, Kobi Bachar, slapping an Arab woman for asking him why he was detaining protesters.

If there’s anything that shows the police disrespect for democracy, it’s officers in disguise as photojournalists in Qalandiya during the demonstrations (according to reliable source).

Low IQ

How low have the IDF’s intelligence scores been lately, eh? No idea where Shalit is; no idea the guys on the Gaza flotilla were violent; no idea Mubarak’s days were numbered; no idea about the Hamas-Fatah deal; and now this.

But hey, at least we know Iran’s got nukes, right?


Ba de ya – dancing in September.