European fickleness ahead of UN vote as immature as Israeli response

As I was witnessing how Israel lost European support last week ahead of the Palestinian statehood bid at the UNGA, I felt like it reminded me of something. But I couldn’t remember what.

The day after the vote, it dawned on me. As I was watching my daughter play with her kindergarten friends during a Hanukkah party, I saw exactly what the Europeans looked like. I witnessed my kid and her friends quickly decide on something, and then change their mind instantly to something opposite – you know, the usual kindergarten peer pressure. It reminded me exactly the European show of “diplomacy” I saw just the day before.

And I got angry. Because it’s not like the conflict started yesterday. It’s not like the upcoming resolution wasn’t heard of until this week.

But no, they were fickle like kindergarten kids. First France, then Spain, and each day up to the vote more and more joined. All in less than a week. Even Germany changed its mind, apparently less than 24 hours before the vote.

People die. Bombs are dropped on families. Rockets are fired on people in balconies. Land is stolen for years. Millions live without basic civic rights.

And all you can do in your posh government offices is say “Hmmmm look, France did it, Spain did, Britain looks a bit shaky… maybe we should switch, too?”

Is this some kind of game?

Do you “enlightened” have no stance whatsoever on the topic of Palestinian independence? Is it the first time you’ve come across it? You change your mind as easily as a child considers going for chocolate ice cream or vanilla. You change your minds based on what your kindergarten European buddy does first, and then follow suit.

These are how decisions are made concerning one of the longest, bloodiest conflicts around?

Peer pressure? In the space of hours?

Supporting Palestine is a good thing. But at least have some backbone when you go for it. Some maturity.

Many have said Prime Minister Netanyahu’s response to build 3,000 units outside of Maaleh Adumim as punishment for the Palestinian UN bid is a childish move. I couldn’t agree more.

But it’s not like European leadership is any better.