German company pulls out of Tel Aviv-Jerusalem train project

According to Ynet, German rail company Deutsche Bahn has pulled out of the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv due to pressure by the feminist Israeli organisation Coalition of Woman for Peace. The coalition is responsible for the information project Who Profits, which tracks Israeli and international companies which operate in the West Bank. According to the Coalition, the proposed rail line cuts into West Bank over the 1967 green line and this was the main rationale for Deutsche Bahn’s decision.

This is from Ynet:

An official at the German Transportation Ministry expressed concern over the project on March 14, saying it potentially violates the rules of international law.

Deutche Bahn has been in charge of electricity and communications control on the Tel Aviv– Jerusalem line.

According to the report, German Transportation Minister Peter Ramsauer discussed the sensitivity of the matter with Deutche Bahn Director Rüdiger Grube.

The railway company told Der Spiegel that the project was “problematic” politically, and may be in violation of international law. A company’s spokesperson noted that Israeli officials were informed on the matter.

The Israeli Parliament is currently debating legislation which would criminalize Boycott activity such as the Deutsche Bahn campaign by Israeli civilians or organizations. If the legislation passes, a fine as high as 35,000 NIS could be levied against civilians who take part in public BDS campaigns against Israel.