My first letter as +972’s new editor-in-chief

The situation in Israel-Palestine is extremely perilous. But amid the challenges lies a tremendous potential to mobilize around +972’s core values. 

Ghousoon Bisharat, editor-in-chief at +972 Magazine. (Rana Matar)
Ghousoon Bisharat, editor-in-chief at +972 Magazine. (Rana Matar)

It is with an overwhelming sense of enthusiasm, anticipation, and gratitude that I step into the role of Editor-in-Chief at +972. As I pen down these words, I am filled with excitement about the incredible opportunity to lead a team comprised of talented editors, journalists, and writers who all share a common mission: to illuminate the most significant stories in Israel-Palestine, to challenge prevailing narratives, and to amplify voices that might otherwise remain unheard.

I join +972 after dedicating more than two decades to the fields of journalism and communications. My unwavering drive from the outset has been to challenge the dominant narratives in international media and to tell my own story and the story of my people, the Palestinian people, through our own words and voices. At the same time, I have never shied away from breaking taboos, addressing sensitive topics, and debating internal Palestinian issues.

I myself have worked at mainstream international media outlets and organizations for much of my professional journey, from which I gleaned valuable experience, but may have left only a minor imprint. Today, I firmly believe that genuine independent journalism, coupled with a solid commitment to human rights, equality, justice, and freedom of information, is perhaps the most meaningful path to achieving a substantial impact on the media landscape, for myself and many others. And it is that belief that brought me to +972 — first as a reader, and now as a team leader.

As my predecessor, Edo Konrad, emphasized in his parting message, the situation in Israel-Palestine is extremely perilous. Amid these challenges, however, lies a tremendous potential for mobilization around +972’s core values.

On one hand, the current Israeli government’s extreme policies serve to expose that apartheid and occupation are fundamental pillars of the entire regime between the river and the sea. +972 and numerous others have asserted this for years, but more and more people are now willing to listen. On the other hand, the opportunities for actions that could usher in positive change, both in Israel-Palestine and globally, come at a steep cost: the loss of innocent lives and the intensification of racist laws and oppressive measures.

Despite these grim realities, or perhaps precisely because of them, +972’s role in providing principled, fair, and accurate journalism is more relevant than ever.

In the weeks ahead, I will mostly be reading, listening, learning, and absorbing. However, I have already identified several goals for +972 for the time to come: to uphold the platform’s long-standing excellence and legacy of integrity, while also embracing innovation and adapting to the ever-evolving media landscape. I also intend to highlight +972’s binational identity and expand the circle of writers and contributors, especially among Palestinians. We will continue to provide you with the rigorous analysis, diverse opinions, in-depth reporting, and investigative journalism that you have come to expect from +972, while also exploring new formats designed to engage and inform our diverse and growing audience — which will include a revival of our popular podcast.

It is crucial to remember that this journey isn’t a one-way endeavor. Your engagement, feedback, and support as members and readers have always been the lifeblood of +972. Your perspectives and insights enrich the conversations we foster, inspiring us to delve deeper, pose more challenging questions, and strive for meaningful impact in the world around us.

I look forward to embarking on that journey together.