How the IDF ruined one of my favorite songs

When I learned that the IDF and Israel Police are calling their preparations for the UN vote in September “Operation Summer Seeds,” I was very disappointed.

But even before the disappointment settled in, I did what probably every Israeli did when they heard the name of the upcoming operation: they hummed a tune.

“Summer Seeds”, or in Hebrew “Zirei Kayitz,” is one of Meir Ariel’s biggest hits, and one of my favorite songs. It’s probably one of the most tranquil, peaceful songs I’ve ever heard. It’s soothing, calming.

So now, but of course, one of those overly creative dimwits at the Kirya has to ruin that for me and make the obvious connection to bloodshed and violence. Darnit!


Summer seeds,
carried in the wind,
awakening memories,
arousing yearnings.
Summer seeds
pass through the nostrils,
and hint what a summer,
it’s going to be.