Human rights NGO: Hana Shalabi in danger of imminent death

Physicians for Human Rights issued a statement Monday evening warning that hunger striking administrative detainee Hana Shalabi is facing the risk of death. The message comes at the end of 33 days of Shalabi’s hunger strike, and is based on a physical examination carried out today in prison by a physician working with the NGO. Following the examination, Shalabi was transferred taken to Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba. [Update: Apparently Shalabi was taken but not admitted to the hospital, and returned to prison. PHR and Addameer are now pressuring IPS to take her buck to the hospital immediately].

According to PHR:

The deterioration is expressed in a process of muscle breakdown, with a weight loss of14 kg(31 lb.) since the onset of the hunger strike, a very slow pulse, and a drop in blood sodium levels. These symptoms could indicate grave damage to the heart and the beginning of the breakdown of the heart muscle, which could lead to heart failure at any moment… The attending physician adds that Shalabi is not taking medications, has gone from ambulatory independence to being dependent on others for locomotion, and suffers from significant weakness, low blood pressure, serious pain throughout her body, significant sensitivity in her upper abdominal region, and serious dizziness.

Meanwhile, a new video clip has been uploaded and spread around by Shalabi’s supporters, in which the detainee’s sister, Zahera Shalabi, speaks of her feelings and fears for her striking sibling. Both PHR and the family call for international intervention to help free Hana Shalabi:

[Shot and edited by Vivien Sansour, with editing support by ListenIn Pictures]

Hana Shalabi, a 29-year-old woman from the West Bank village of Burqin, was formally held for 25 months in administrative detention, released last October in the Schalit prisoner swap, and re-arrested within four months of her release. Since her second arrest, Shalabi has refused to eat in protest of her continued detention without charges or trial. The IDF claims it has intelligence indicating Shalabi might endanger regional security. Yesterday (Sunday), PA officials stated that Israel offered to release Shalabi and deport her to the Gaza Strip – an offer which was refused by the PA, which demands her immediate and unconditional release.

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