‘I was on my way back from school and saw the ruins’

Palestinian residents of the Jordan Valley share their personal experiences of what life under occupation has meant for them. The second of two parts.

Fatimah Yousuf Massaeed talks about the difficulties of being a student in the Jordan Valley, where internet access is spotty and the roads difficult to travel in the winter. She has a degree in law and Islamic law from the Open University and dreams of being a judge.

Mahmood Massaeed describes about how the lack of building permits makes it impossible to build a soccer field in his village, dashing his and his friends’ dreams of becoming professional soccer players.

Rushdi Habib wants to send his children to study at universities, but he can’t afford not to have them working alongside him in the fields.

Abd el-Salam Beni Odeh talks about the day his house was demolished; he was on his way back from school when he saw the ruins. A high school student now, he says he wants to work as a human rights advocate.