Inshallah, the Jews won’t stop

How the ‘worst video ever made’ can help clarify things for people who are yet undecided about Israeli policies.

What you’re about to watch is, as Heeb Magazine correctly points out, the worst video ever made. It was apparently produced by Orit Arfa, who lives in the mega settlement of Ariel.

I’m sorry you had to go through that.

But here’s some more anyway:

Orit also has a way with words. In an op-ed she wrote for the Jewish Journal on, she criticized Jeffery Goldberg’s critique of Miley Cyrus and said that “He makes Miley’s famous tongue look really short from the way he wields his own up the behind of Obama and his officials.”

Inshallah, I hope Orit keeps making this crap.

Inshallah, I hope she continues to write drivel.

And inshallah, as Orit hopes, the Jews won’t stop. Because the more you do these things, the more the world sees what assholes live here.

Inshallah, Jews will continue to pole dance on land stolen from a Palestinian. Don’t stop!

Inshallah, Jews will continue to twerk on tractors that just uprooted hundred-year-old olive trees that a Palestinian farmer has harvested for years, that his father harvested for years, that his grandfather, and great grandfather harvested way before you were born in L.A. and came back easily because of the Law of Return, while his Palestinian relatives are probably dying generation after generation in a refugee camp in Jordan somewhere. Don’t stop!

Inshallah, Jews will continue to come to springs in the West Bank that used to irrigate Palestinian farmland but can’t be reached now because a settler wants to get wet and lick stones in her bathing suit because that’s just what people do. Don’t stop!

Inshallah more Jews from Brooklyn, from upstate NY, from Jersey, from LA and more will go on Birthright tours and feel the love for apartheid and the need to come practice it themselves cuz it just ain’t the same discriminating through AIPAC from afar, they want to feel the segregation on their skin while telling everybody back home how cool it is to live in Start-up Nation. Don’t stop!

Inshallah, Orit, keep it up. Because the world is finally waking up to what’s going on here. And it’s people like you who clarify things for those who are yet undecided. Don’t stop!

Inshallah, Jews exactly like you will continue. Don’t stop!

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