Israeli coalition members speak about refugees

MK Miri Regev, Likud (Video):

The Sudanese are a cancer in our body.

MK Yulia Shamalov Berkovitch, Kadima (Ynet):

 All human rights activists [who protect the Africans] should be imprisoned and transported to camps we are building.

Interior Minister Eli Yishai, Shas (Maariv):

Muslims that arrive here do not even believe that this country belongs to us, to the white man.


Do you know that many women in Tel Aviv were raped and are now afraid to report [it to the police] so that won’t be seen as AIDS carriers?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

The breach of our borders by infiltrators could threaten the Jewish and democratic state (…) we will begin by removing the infiltrators from South Sudan and move on to others.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Haaretz)

Whoever can be sent away should be sent away from here as quickly as possible.

Danny Danon, Likud (on his Facebook page)

Israel is at war. An enemy state of infiltrators was established in Israel, and its capital is south Tel Aviv.


The two following quotes are from members of the National Union Party which is not part of the coalition, but largely supports the government on most issues.

Michael Ben-Ari, National Union (Haaretz)

A fourth grader (Israeli) girl is studying in the same class with infiltrators’ kids, that you don’t know what diseases they are carrying. These are the worst viral diseases.

MK Aryeh Eldad, National Union (Haaretz):

Anyone that penetrates Israel’s border should be shot, a Swedish tourist, Sudanese from Eritrea, Eritreans from Sudan, Asians from Sinai. Whoever touches Israel’s border – shot.