Israeli rapper: ‘First burn all jails with Palestinians inside, then destroy Jenin!’

The Facebook status on Subliminal’s page
The Facebook status on Subliminal’s page

One of Israel’s most popular hip-hop artists, Subliminal, was pretty angry after a Palestinian teen murdered an IDF soldier in his sleep earlier this week.

Subliminal posted a photo of the Palestinian, who was bandaged after apparently being roughed up during his arrest, and had some harsh words for the lad. Here are just a few of his choice phrases:

“… Now he’ll go into a jail in Israel like a hero! Will study a few degrees and get connected to all the heads of Palestinian terror groups…

Damn all those savages, we should burn the jails with all of them inside! And a second later we should destroy Jenin whose inhabitants gloat that they are the stronghold of terror against Israel…

Another embarrassing moment for me to be an Israeli! The people of Israel – wake up!

And all the lefties who hate what I wrote here – kill yourselves already! I wish what happened yesterday would happen to a relative of yours and you’ll wake up from the zany dream you’re holding on to and splitting and weakening my people!”

Needless to say, the comments were very supportive. But I’ll spare you those…

Instead, I’ll leave you with some of his wonderful, inspiring “music.”

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