Israeli soccer: If anyone’s a sucker – it’s me

Israeli soccer: If anyone's a sucker - it's me
Crowd at Ramat Gan Stadium (Photo: Flickr / send2moran)
Yesterday I watched the game between Israel and Croatia, a qualification match for the upcoming European Championship.

It was pathetic, as usual. We lost 2-1. And as usual, I, like the rest of the country, had my hopes up high that change was gonna come with the new French coach, non-stop lollipop sucking Luis Fernandez. If anyone’s a sucker, it’s me. And the rest of Israel.

If anything, I should have known better. I should have known that Israeli soccer players, and the Israeli soccer federation itself, don’t believe that hard work and endless training brings results.

It’s all about HaKadosh Baruch Hu. He’ll take care of it. Maybe that’s why the federation decided that the following song would be the anthem to accompany this European campaign.

[youtube] [/youtube]

In any place, at any time,
we all have – from large to small
good days, and some less
and between them an answer for all questions

There is one great G-d
In this world he gives us everything
Between darkness and a ray of light
The path is all we have to chose

And it’s known that life is a gift
All is foreseen and permission granted

Whoever believes isn’t scared
to lose his faith
and we have the king of the world
who guards us from everyone

This people is a family
one and one more, that’s the secret to success
The people of Israel will not give up
we will always stay on the map

Maybe, just maybe – if they had chosen a song about perseverance. About mental strength. About self confidence. Maybe, if they hadn’t let it all up to G-d. I mean, he works in mysterious ways, right?

After this sad loss, how about something to cheer the blokes up? Maybe something more along the lines of…
[youtube] [/youtube]