Israeli’s photos on Facebook cause uproar

An Israeli citizen has caused outrage after posting photos of himself smiling beside taped up boxes in a Facebook album called “The Best Move of My Life“.

Ami Kaufman, 37, who has been living in the posh northern Tel Aviv neighborhood of Bavli for the past two years with his wife and 2 daughters, was shown on Israeli news websites sitting beside dozens of boxes, all packed up and ready to go.

In one of the photos it appears Kaufman is holding a roll of tape, as if about to further humiliate the pieces of carton.

Israeli's photos on Facebook cause uproar

Kaufman admitted the photos were “thoughtless” but insisted he did not humiliate them and was surprised the pictures offended people.

He said: “I still don’t understand what wasn’t OK. There was no statement of violence, disrespect, anything that would hurt those boxes.”

Some of the comments on the pictures from Kaufman’s Facebook friends seem to have only added oil to the fire. On one picture, Lee’ad Leevneh writes: “Yeah, you wrap that box – wrap it tight!”. Another friend, Sara Miller, takes the humiliation one step further: “That box looks like it could barely hold a pillow”.

Israeli's photos on Facebook cause uproar

The Israeli-Russian mover Victor said the photos were “disgraceful”, and said he was calling off the transfer of Kaufman’s belongings until he apologized to cardboard boxes worldwide. “We can’t have people treating boxes like they’re nothing, or worse – like Palestinians. Moving to Bat Yam is one thing, but this? A line must be drawn.”

Kaufman insisted his only mistake was uploading the pictures to Facebook, and that if Victor doesn’t do the job – he’ll find another Victor who will.