JPost editorial: Leftists bring Africans to Israel in order to undermine Jewish majority

The Jerusalem Post, which has a history of unbelievable editorials, has done it again. “The world’s leading Jewish paper” claims that the arrival of African refugees is part of a conspiracy by left-wing NGOs, meant to undermine the Jewish majority in Israel. Don’t look for proof for those claims; even JPost admits that there is none. Here’s the money quote:

Many of these NGOs are striving to undermine the character of Israel as a Jewish state by fighting to keep as many African migrants as possible in Israel and by encouraging more to come. But they rarely declare their true intentions publicly because they know that they would lose public support in Israel if they did.

And this is by a newspaper that opposes the two-state solution, yet somehow thinks that 50,000 Africans are a bigger threat to the Jewish majority than 2 million Palestinians.

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