LISTEN: Israeli talk show hosts phone Auschwitz in prank call

Shay Goldstein and Dror Rafael are two guys with a morning radio show on 103FM. Thye’re kind of “out there”, but very, very popular. I used to listen to them quite a bit until I transferred my allegiance to their competition on 99FM, Tal Berman and Aviad Kisos. But today for some reason I was tuning in to Shay and Dror, and they cracked me up.

They have a daily segment called “surprise phone call”, where they simply call someone without notice, usually a person who was in that day’s news. It usually provides some great entertainment from the victims, who are caught totally off guard.

Well, in today’s news there’s an item in Haaretz [Heb] about a dispute between Poland and the U.S., concerning a shed that was “lent” from Auschwitz to the holocaust museum in D.C. – and the Polish now want it back.

So, who do Shay and Dror call? They call Auschwitz. Listen to the link below, it starts from minute 2:30 (from the end, the clock goes backward). It’s mostly in English, except for in the beginning, where Shay is surprised by the warm welcome to Auschwitz-Birkenau and says “When we went there the first time nobody stood there and said ‘Welcome to Auschwitz!'”