PODCAST: The Palestinian musician shattering taboos

Maysa Daw talks about straddling the personal and the political as a Palestinian musician living in Israel.

Maysa Daw in concert. (Tarek Zenati)
Maysa Daw in concert. (Tarek Zenati)

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Singer-songwriter Maysa Daw always knew she wanted to become a musician. The 27-year-old Haifa native recently released her debut album called “Between City Walls.” She is also the youngest member of famed Palestinian hip hop group DAM, and sings and plays percussion with the new, all-women ensemble Kallemi.

As a female Palestinian musician living in Israel, Maysa is constantly straddling the personal and the political. In this episode, Maysa talks about the importance of shattering social taboos and airing out the dirty laundry, about her journey toward radical self-acceptance, about writing music in Arabic without access to the Arab world, and about the struggle to remain authentic while going mainstream.

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