NY Consul General tells Alice Walker when she may criticize Israel

NY Consul General tells Alice Walker when she may criticize Israel
American author Alice Walker (photo: codepinkhq/CC BY-SA 2.0)

Walker: Hello, I’d like to speak to Mr. Ido Aharoni, the Israeli Consul General in New York.

Aharoni: This is him.

Walker: Mr. Aharoni, I read your op-ed in the New York Post, and was wondering if you could help me out.

Aharoni: Yes, Ms. Walker.

Walker: I understand that according to your logic, I must first criticize countries with more harsh human rights violations before I criticize Israel. Is this true?

Aharoni: Yes, ma’am. You’ve said nothing about Syria or North Korea, ma’am.

Walker: May I ask which countries I must go through first?

Aharoni: Yes, ma’am. You can start with China.

Walker: OK. And then?

Aharoni: North Korea.

Walker: Yes.

Aharoni: Syria.

Walker: Yes.

Aharoni: Russia.

Walker: Yes.

Aharoni: Saudi Arabia.

Walker: Yes.

Aharoni: Afghanistan.

Walker: OK. And then I can criticize Israel?

Aharoni: No. Yemen.

Walker: OK.

Aharoni: Egypt.

Walker: Yes.

Aharoni: Sudan.

Walker: OK. Is this in order of severity?

Aharoni: No, but these are all before Israel.

Walker: OK. So, after all these I can?

Aharoni: No. Chad.

Walker: Yes.

Aharoni: Congo.

Walker: Yes.

Aharoni: Zimbabwe.

Walker: Yes.

Aharoni: Uganda.

Walker: Yes.

Aharoni: Sierra Leone.

Walker: Yes.

Aharoni: Are you writing all this down?

Walker: No, actually, I don’t think —

Aharoni: — you should! Otherwise you’re a hypocrite! An anti-Semite!

Walker: But —

Aharoni: — Cambodia.

Walker: —

Aharoni: Uzbekistan.

Walker: —

Aharoni: Hello? Ms. Walker? Vietnam.

Walker: —click

Aharoni: Libya! Bahrain! Ms. Walker? Are you there?