Palestinian employment in Israel and settlements: Restrictive policies, abuse of rights

The high rate of unemployment in the Palestinian territories and the gap in wages and quality of life between the Israeli and Palestinian economies have led to a constant supply of Palestinian workers seeking work with Israeli employers, since the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip began in 1967. The number of workers has changed over the years in correlation with restrictions Israel has placed on entry into its territories. This Kav Laoved report details the obstacles and forms of exploitation faced by Palestinians on their road to earning a living in Israel and while employed in the country.

Employment of Palestinians in Israel and the Settlements: Restrictive Policies and Abuse of Rights

Kav LaOved is a nonprofit non governmental organization committed to protecting the rights of disadvantaged workers employed in Israel and by Israelis in the Occupied Territories, including Palestinians, migrant workers, subcontracted workers and new immigrants. Noga Kadman researched and wrote this report, and Hanna Zohar, Att. Taghrid Shabita, Abed Dari, Att. Khaled Dukhi, and Hedva Isachar assisted with research. 

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