WATCH: Private Israeli security guard attacks protesters with live fire

Israeli private security opens live fire on unarmed Israeli and Palestinians demonstrators. Army arrives and throws tear gas on the demonstrators.

This morning, roughly 40 unarmed Palestinians among with four Israelis, held a demonstration at an illegal Israeli quarry built on the land of the villages of Ni’ilin and Budrus. As the demonstrators approached the quarry they could see an Israeli private security guard screaming at them from a small distance. Within seconds, the guard opened live fire on the protesters. He even took time to aim at individual protesters. The below video was shot by one of the activists on the scene.


According to eyewitnesses, within five minutes three Israeli military jeeps arrived and told the protesters to leave and that the area was a closed military zone. Instead of disciplining the security guard for opening live fire on unarmed demonstrators, soldiers attacked the group with tear gas. Palestinians are reporting that one person was hit in the head with shrapnel. The below video is from a demonstration held in the same area earlier in the week.



The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, which had members on the ground at the demonstration, has a report of the demonstration.

Despite the entirely peacful nature of the demonstration, fire was quick to be shot. As soon as the quarry’s security guards noticed the procession, form a distance of about 200 meters, they opened fire with live ammunition. Initially, the guards fired a vollies of bullets in the air, which caught the protestes by surprise and caused them to freeze in their place. Some laid down on the ground, while other stood up and shouted at the guards in Hebrew calling on them to stop shooting. In response, the guards took aim, and started shooting directly towrds people.

When the protesters realized they are acctually being shot at, they started running away, which did not bring the guards to stop shooting. As the bullets riddled the ground, one demonstrator, a 47 year-old construction worker from the village of Budrus was hit with a shrapnell in his left eyebrow.

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