Quick, what’s the score? Israel: 25 – Palestine: 0

If there’s anything I hate, it’s when somebody says “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and then says more words about that picture.

Unfortunately, I won’t be practicing what I preach and will ultimately annoy myself today.

I agree with the assessment of my colleague, Omar Rahman, on the lack of coverage of what is going on in the Palestinian side during the cycles of violence.

What bothers me even more is how the Israeli media makes the body count a central issue. What’s the score? How many did we kill, how many of our guys died? Cold and calculated statistics. Kind of like a baseball game.

Well, here’s the score from this weekend’s game, as Israel’s Channel 10 sees it (I’d like to point out that their “score” includes children, as well).

Quick, what’s the score? Israel: 25 - Palestine: 0
Channel 10's military correspondent Alon Ben David showing the score: "Death toll: Israel: 0, Gaza: 25" (photo: nana10.co.il)

Body count’s in the house.


h/t Danit Gottfried