Watch: “The settler-zombie” roaming West Bank roads

+972 Magazine has received rare footage of the so-called “settler-zombie” known to roam West Bank roads in pursuit of Palestinians, peace activists or other creatures who convey certain amounts of godlessness.

The “settler-zombie”, until today considered an urban legend of sorts, is comparable to “Big Foot”, “Golem” or the Loch Ness monster “Nessie”. Eye witnesses in recent years have told of a large man who screeches so high that Mariah Carey has been known to shudder. According to most accounts, the “settler-zombie” also tires out quite quickly, most probably due to a bad diet and lack of exercise.

The creature in the footage below, harassing a left winger at Susiya junction in the West Bank, seems to fit the description.

h/t Dimi Reider