‘Relax, the rocket fell on an Arab village’

On Tuesday, Hamas shot a rocket towards Jerusalem. Much to their chagrin, it only got as far the Gush Etzion area. Apparently, it also fell close to a Palestinian village.

As Voice of Israel (part of the official Israel Broadcasting Authority) reported the events, their veteran correspondent in the South, Nissim Kenan, had some, how should I say, “reassuring” words for listeners and for the anchor, Esti Perez (listen in Hebrew here):

Kenan: Let me calm everybody down here from Ashkelon. It fell in Gush Etzion. Not in Jerusalem.

Perez: Yes, but people live in Gush Etzion, too, you know.

Kenan: Yes, but it fell in an Arab village, so, we can relax.

Kenan later apologized on the air for his remarks.

But he didn’t really have to. Because I’ll bet he really did feel relaxed. And trust me, a majority of Israelis breathed a sigh of relief when they heard it, too.

Some of them probably giggled.

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