Resource: Israel’s use of crowd control weapons in the West Bank

B’Tselem released a new report on the crowd control weapons used by the Israeli army. The report also details the relevant orders of the military and the Israel Police which regulate the use of these weapons, and which the security forces refuse to divulge. In addition it surveys the implementation of the regulations in the field and the detrimental results of violating them. Dozens of Palestinians have been seriously injured by use of these weapons. Additionally, security forces have killed at least 46 Palestinians in the West Bank when firing live ammunition at stone-throwers.

Resource: Israel's use of crowd control weapons in the West Bank
Mustafa Tamimi, a moment before he was injured. The weapon that shot him is circled in red, as is the tear gas canister that caused the fatal injury. He later died. (photo: Haim Scwarczenberg)


Israel’s Use of Crowd Control Weapons in the West Bank

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