Neocon lobbyist marks Schalit release with calls for genocide?

Right? I mean, that’s the immediate impression when you read it (h/t Political Correction). Rachel Abrams, who blogs at Bad Rachel, sits on the board of the Emergency Committee for Israel, the very same group that tried accusing Occupy Wall Street of anti-Semitism. Take a deep breath:

Neocon lobbyist marks Schalit release with calls for genocide?

Yeah. Rwanda, make way, here comes Mrs. Abrams. Even if you take out the actual howl for blood, that’s just about one of the most hate-filled rants I’ve ever laid my eyes on. It’s almost as if she wrote it to give readers a useful sample of what hate-speech really is. If that’s what she thinks about when she’s glad, I’m not really sure what ideas she procures when angry.

Update: Elli Clifton at Think Progress dug up some other charming quotes from Mrs. Abrams.

Last year, she focused on Christopher Hitchens’ bisexuality in a post titled “Giving Homosexuality a Bad name.” She wrote:

Wherever one stands on the homosexuality question—I’m agnostic, or would be if the “gay community” would quit trying to shove legislation down my throat—there can be no denying bisexuality’s double betrayal—you never know, whether you’re the man of the hour or the woman, when the ground on which you’re standing is going to turn to ashes—nor any denying the self-admiring “nourishment” its promiscuous conquests afford.

But wait, there’s more.