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Christmas – it all began here – and today, it hides around the holy land in some unexpected places.

This December, +972’s resident travel writer Yuval Ben-Ami will find the smells, sounds, customs, and lives that go unnoticed at the heart of a holiday celebrated by billions around the world, and bring them to you.

He’ll spend 10 days traveling Israel and the West Bank looking for Christmas:

Israeli Christmas, Palestinian Christmas, the Christmas of pilgrims, of monks and nuns, Christmas in the Galilee, Christmas in the desert, Christmas in Bethlehem, Christmas in Tel Aviv. Christmas in the land of Jesus, and Christmas in the Jewish state.

The resulting words, images and media from his travels will be published as a multi-part Christmas Journey series on +972 Magazine, an exposé of the many faces of Christmas in the holy land.

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+972 readers have sponsored some incredible journeys in the past.

This September, Yuval set out on a month-long journey throughout Israel and the West Bank, recording his impressions of a period in the region marked by political, diplomatic and social unrest. The resulting series, “The September Journey,” published on +972, is comprised of 24 posts – more than 40,000 words and hundreds of photographs. It stirred lively debates among readers and is a landmark of documentary writing on the region.

In March, during the early days of the Arab Spring, +972 readers came out in droves to send blogger Lisa Goldman to Cairo to cover Egyptians’ lives and thoughts as they took the first steps in shaping post-Mubarak Egypt. Lisa’s reports of many Egyptians’ first experiences in a participatory democracy, cleaning up Tahrir Square, and negotiating their changing lives and jobs provided fascinating personal stories behind the revolution.

These journeys couldn’t have happened without generous support from our readers.

As a volunteer-based independent media organization, +972 Magazine has since its founding been operated and led by its writers and editors. Owing nothing to any political party or corporate interest has allowed us to continue ensuring total editorial independence, bringing our readers a diversity of voices and opinions. Our small budget gathered mostly from reader support does not allow +972 to pay for writing on our site, and therefore we must look externally for special projects that place heavy expenses on our bloggers.

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Christmas in the holy land (Photo: Mati Milstein)
Christmas in the holy land (Photo: Mati Milstein)