Visualizing Occupation: Children under Israel’s legal regime

The different legal systems under which Israelis and Palestinians are tried apply to children as well. As +972 has consistently documented, Palestinian children arrested by the army are treated by the military court system as “potential terrorists.” The visual below demonstrates what would happen should two 12-year-old boys, one Israeli and one Palestinian, get arrested for fighting. One would swiftly be brought before a judge, given access to a lawyer, tried and spared jail time. The other could face two years in jail without trial. This illustration is the eighth in a series of infographics on Palestinian civilian life under occupation.

By Michal Vexler, with the cooperation of Caabu – The Council for Arab-British Understanding

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Visualizing Occupation: Children under Israel's legal regime

This graphic has been updated in accordance with amendments on detention practices recently instituted by the Israeli army.


Michal Vexler is a designer and an activist. This work – part of a series of infographics on the effects of the occupation on Palestinian civilians – is presented here with her permission. See the series, Visualizing Occupation, in full here.

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